A story of high moral and ideal human values of society

For those who are interested in reading articles on books and TV serials depicting good relationships and human values and ideals of society, here is a story of some ideal characters who represent the beautiful petals of a flower which blooms in the midst of thorns and bushes inhabited by snakes.

A story of three brothers and a sister, whose parents are murdered by relatives in their childhood in some property feud and get thrown on to streets. They are joined by another unfortunate girl and they wander on streets without food and shelter for days until they are given shelter, food and work by a big contractor’s family in a city. The elder brother takes responsibility of all brothers and sisters and brings them up by doing all illegal activities endorsed to him by that family for earning livelihood. He did not like the job and always remained in a state of lot of mental conflict and inner struggle as they are providing food and shelter to his brothers and sister.

The story portrays his struggles in life in bringing up them, losing his sister and finding her later as the wife of a great idealist police officer, his loyalty to his master at the behest of enmity with the police officer who wants him to leave the criminal world and adopt a respectable gentleman life and there after, his mental breakdown at the recurring incidents of cunning, wicked and selfish acts of people. When his conscience is unable to bear anything more of this, he leaves all people and goes wandering in search of the meaning of what is good and bad in this selfish and cruel world. Then when he reached Kashmir, he reads the news of a bomb blast on his brother-in-law’s family and gets stunned and becomes like a lifeless stone and gets admitted in army hospital.

The story goes through their next generation also who also undergo the same misfortunes and criminal entanglements and finally outcome all hurdles and bloom into unaffected flowers of purity.

The characters of both generations are associated with the petals of those flowers which live in thorns among snakes but are unaffected by surroundings. They only spread fragrance, beauty and love to the world.

The police officer’s character is a very great ideal one who is never selfish but only thinks of well being of society and values human values. He does not accept bribes or favours and even rewards for his work as he thinks it to be his duty to serve people and nation. His son also is a very great ideal person who is brought up among criminal circumstances as he gets lost in bomb blast when he was still one year old but never adhered to criminal thoughts or acts.

For full story in ten parts, visit my website @ http://www.mvchari.in/


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