Blogging 101 #Day 2- Titles, Taglines and the New Look

Hi, all my well-wishers and audience!

I have given a new look to my Blog today, under Blogging 101- Day 2 guidances.

I christened the Title of my Blog as “Living Better” to give an appropriate image of my blog. All my writings have one single aim – ‘to better our living conditions and lifestyles’. So, I think this title will serve my purposes more flexibly than any other title. You may suggest any other one if you think so and all of your opinions are welcome.

Regarding the tagline, I have put it as “it is full of random scribblings”. Because a blogger writes whatever comes to his mind and it need not be in a sequence or related to one particular subject during a certain period, if he is dealing with many related subjects on any broad-minded universal goal.

And what is funny about scribblings is, it may not be a pleasant thing. It can be some harsh truth or some undesirable lessons about habits and mentalities of people. Most of us do not want to be taught lessons by somebody else. We like to do things in our own way or whatever seems to be appealing and acceptable to us. It may be just like mumbling and ranting of granny with no audience. Whatever it is, I will be writing something or other to at least make people realise that I am saying something..

So, I request all of you to bear with me and suggest any tips, if you wish.


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