Blogging 101#Day 3: It’s all about following Topics and Blogs

The tutorial is going very good. I am able to learn many things through this course of Blogging 101.

On First Day, I introduced myself to the world so that they can know my interests and hobbies.

Then, on Second Day, I customised my blog with a good Title and an appealing Tagline, as far as I am hopeful of. I received some likes also and so feel good.

Now, this Third Day, I had to follow Topics and Blogs at least 5 each. As most of you must be aware of by now, I am much interested in reading, writing, literature, poetry, human values, lifestyles, nature, arts and like that.

So, I have selected to follow the Topics on Literature, Poetry, Nature, Food, Lifestyles for the time being. I would like to enjoy good reading on all these topics.

Regarding Blogs that I selected to follow, some of them I got attracted by the blog name and first post read by me and so selected 6 of them to follow. Already, I have been following some more blogs here like Safali’s Caricature Art Blog.


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