Blogging 101

Blogging 101 #Day 4 – It’s all about Knowing your Audience


I have been a little bit confused at first as to who are my audience. When I started my blog 2 years ago, I had no idea of whatever I shall be writing and for whom I will be writing here. And, there was a lot of gap with no posts.

But, now there is no confusion at all. Everything is crystal clear now. When I christened my blogging site on the first day of this Blogging 101 course, I got a clear picture of what will be my blogging about and whatever topics I will be covering. That is why I titled my Blog as “LIVING BETTER”.

Balloon spreading “Living Better” message

I consider my blog as a big balloon flying in the sky all over the world, carrying the message of ‘living better’. I believe that all of us are interested in making our lives better and definitely aspire for “Living Better” than what we are presently doing.

Each one of us want Happiness, Love. We like enjoying Nature and experiencing Bliss. We expect Kindness and Humanity from people. We like to enjoy good Health.

So, I have decided to blog on all these topics and share my knowledge and experiences, if any, regarding improving the living conditions of our life and environment and would be happy if I can be of any use to you.

Expecting support and cooperation from all of you.

By Venkat Acharya

A senior citizen, retired accountant from the cement industry. Developed a passion for writing after retirement in 2010. Even though the writing is in his blood because of his father who has been a good writer and artist, Venkat started writing only from 2012 onwards (because of his busy workload during employment). His writings are mainly focussed on lifestyle tips, recipes, and Finance/Economics topics. Later, he started creative writing topics also at HubPages besides other online assignments. He loves art, music, reading books of different genres, expressing his views on various matters. Further, he self-published a book titled "Introduction to Economics" based on his own knowledge and experiences in a KDP book form as well as a Paperback at Amazon which is available only for $2 at this link:

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