The problem of alarming increases in population affecting living standards and health

There was an alarming news in the newspaper today (12/07/2015) about the ever increasing population of India and the world. I subscribe to the Deccan Chronicle newspaper which is most popular in our Hyderabad city. It reported that our country’s population is presently 1270 millions which increased by 1.25% over previous year’s figures.

If this trend continues, it reported that by 2050, India’s population will be the largest population exceeding China’s figures.

I googled out about latest population figures and found these figures at this link:

According to their figures based on 2014 statistics, China ranks first with 1393.7 million, then India with 1267.4 million and third place is USA with only 322.58 millions.

The density figures show how congested India is with 386 people per square km. whereas in US it is only 34 people per square km.

So, it requires control over population and reproduction through suitable measures taken by people. Already people have started late marriages and birth control techniques. But it requires more control in all remotest corners of the country where awareness is not realised by people.

Increase in population and excessive consumption leads to drying up of resources too quickly thereby leaving no means of living for future generations. So it is quite necessary that people should take this problem very seriously and practice remedies to improve living standards and health of coming generations.


3 thoughts on “The problem of alarming increases in population affecting living standards and health

  1. Your article cannot be called thoughtful. It is just wishful thinking. You could have suggested some remedies to the problem. Even if they have been discussed before and beaten to death.


    • Hi, marsenterprises. Thanks for commenting. I simply thought of putting the problem in front of you and make you aware of it. Solutions can be many and dependant on your environment and mentality.
      I have offered one general suggestion here that we must think over it seriously and try to find out some solution to harness the rapid growth of populations.


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