Blogging 101 #Day 8 activity – It’s about loving your neighbours

I always love my neighbours and try to be friendly with them. And here on, I found so many lovely fascinating neighbours, all with their own amazing qualities and skills. I can’t just select a few and leave others. Because all of them are unique in their own way and I can learn so much from them and like to be with all of them and enjoy their company.

I already follow many of them and started interacting by viewing their content and leaving my comments also and especially, I liked shafali’s caricatures ( blog and Harsh Reality ( Blog and some others.

But, today I have been asked to view and comment on some new blogs. So, I viewed and left my comments on the following blogs which appealed to me much.

1) – on a post titled “Left Brain, Right Brain – which one is better? This blog illustrated the features and functions of two parts of the brain very well which I got impressed.

2) – This blog also impressed me for the target fixed by the writer and his varying topics that are being dealt with. I commented on the article “Can you see God” which impressed me.

3) – This blog’s about page impressed me very much where the author arranged all the about page in a image with suitable icons showcasing all skills. It’s really a wonderful work.

4) – As I myself am experienced in cooking, I love recipe hubs also. So, I thought of making friendship with some recipe hubs also. I went through one recipe that I like titled “matcha sponge cake with raspberries-lemon-curd-cream” which appealed to me and liked it much.

I viewed some more blogs and topics also and try to read many more on daily basis. Reading and expressing my views is a regular habit for me and so I like to enjoy much here in your company.

Thanks to all of you, great writers for feeding so much valuable information here daily.


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101 #Day 8 activity – It’s about loving your neighbours

  1. Thanks for sharing those blogs vnktchari. I also really liked ‘’. After reading your post I headed over to ‘’ to find the matcha sponge cake with raspberries-lemon-curd-cream and many more!


  2. Great post. Thanks to you, I discovered and learned about the tools which helped me make a similar interactive about page on my own blog. Thanks to your post, I have a much better about page now 🙂


  3. Dear vnktchari,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my about page here. I am so sorry for being late to say thank you. I have just one suggestion: What about linking your recommended sites? This will help us to know about that and they will be clickable! Linking also adds more beauty to your blog!
    Have a nice day!


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