God is there – whether you call Him ‘Jesus’, ‘Ishwar’ or ‘Allah’ – Blogging 101 #Day9

I believe in God and naturally I got impressed and inspired by the post of Yor Ryeter titled “Can you see God?” on the blog “It takes 10k”.

I believe in God because all that we see and experience is the creation of God, which however gets tampered by human experiments and scientific advancements. But the base foundation has been provided to you by God. And each moment I witness this wonderful creation, I remember God and thank Him for all this.

Don’t you see in the above header image how beautiful and wonderful the creation of God is. He created the wonderful sky. He created the amazing oceans. He created the beautiful Nature with all its forests, mountains, lakes, trees, plants, flowers and what not. Is it all not enough to prove that God exists with all His wonderful powers?

But, if we want to see God, we must have the craving for Him. We must be able to understand and experience His greatness and existence through His wonderful deeds and creations. It requires lots of dedication, concentration and human effort and most importantly lot of patience and endurance. You should not be impatient and negative if He puts lots of tests to judge your honesty and dedication.

I believe and see God with my inner sense

  • whenever I see the nature, sky or oceans and rivers.
  • whenever I see the birds, animals and creatures.
  • whenever I see a child
  • whenever I see people of diverse nature living together
  • whenever I encounter an act of love, kindness and generosity
  • whenever I pray or meditate
  • I see and feel Him at every moment of my life.

So, I would rather say, if you want to believe and experience God, keep faith and be honest in all your acts.

Please visit this blog which inspired me: https://ittakes10k.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/1-1528-of-10000-can-you-see-god/

One more related blog also impressed me. https://tessacandoit.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/jesus-loves-me-this-i-know/


2 thoughts on “God is there – whether you call Him ‘Jesus’, ‘Ishwar’ or ‘Allah’ – Blogging 101 #Day9

  1. Hi @vnktchari,
    What a spiritual post you wrote! I agree with you that Allah is everywhere. We just need a white, clean heart to feel His existence and amazing touches. In our religion “Islam”, when our God loves one, He puts him or her in challenges to judge his/her patience and acceptance of destiny. This doesn’t mean to accept without working or trying to solve problems. We accept because we know our God loves us and will never leave us.

    For the links to be clickable:
    1. Highlight them.
    2. Go to the editor and click the icon “insert/edit link.”
    3. Paste the link and click “Add link.”

    I hope this would be helpful!
    All the best 🙂

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  2. Thanks for this nice reply and the tips given for making links clickable.
    You fully understood the essence of my message. God or Allah is great. He simply wants to test your honesty before coming to your rescue. Be honest in your duties and beliefs. My blessings to you.


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