Blogging 101 #Day 10- My Blog Roll

I have been already following many blogs that I liked to view and learn new things. I clicked the like buttons and commented frequently on many of them also.

The theme I selected to blog here is Ecto theme which I customised according to my likes. This theme allows blogroll through widgets section in the sidebar only. And I don’t have experience with links or text widgets. So, I opted to include the Blogs that I Love through the Blogs I follow widget that is available to me. It allows upto 50 blogs to be listed either in straight line Names or in the form of Grid of images of blogger gravatar.

I do not like the list to be too lengthy. So, I selected maximum 20 blogs to be shown in the grid form. When I clicked “Save”, most of the blogs that I followed from much earlier did not appear in it. I was much worried how to edit it so that I can choose from all the 39 blogs that I followed, to showcase the most liked blogs. I came to know that the blogroll widget automatically selects the recent blogs followed by me first to complete the 20 figure.

So, I went to the Reader to see if there is any option to select the list. In the reader, where you see “following”, there is a starred circle which is clickable. There I clicked and landed to the list of my all blogs. There, I found a cross button against each blog for unfollowing it. As there was no other option to select, I had to click unfollow so that I can keep only 20 blogs in the list. So, I kept the most liked blogs and clicked unfollow for others temporarily and then came out and found that now my Blogroll widget is containing all those blogs that I wanted to showcase.

This is how I highlighted my Blogroll today so that all of you can find those blogs interesting to you also. Now you can click my widgets button and find the blogs loved by me by scrolling down.


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101 #Day 10- My Blog Roll

  1. Hi vnktchari,
    I love your way to reflect on the #Blogging101 daily tasks. It is like a story which I prefer the most.
    For your blogroll, what about using the “Links” widget?
    Here is how to do it:

    The First step:
    1. Go to your dashboard.
    2. Hover over “Links” on your left hand and click “Add New”
    3. This will take you to a page where you can add: Name of your favorite blog, URL, a description if you would like, then you can choose “blogroll” or create a new category, e.g., valuable sites, … etc, scrolling down a little bit in the advanced section, you can add a link to a picture that can show up with the title, and the most important for you is the “Rating” at the end, you can choose 10 for the most recommended and 1 for the least …. etc.
    4. Click “Add link” on the top-right corner. You can add as many links as you can.

    The second step:
    1. From your dashboard, go to Appearance – Widgets.
    2. Drag “Links” to your sidebar.
    3. Select “Your Category” from the drop-down list.
    4. From “Sort by” list, choose “Link Ranking.” This will help you to see your blogs according to the ranking you give to them.
    5. Hit save. And that is it!
    You can go to my blog and see my blogroll entitled “Featured Blogs.”
    I hope this would be helpful!


  2. You are welcome, dear friend!
    Actually, you are doing well. Your blog is so clean and beautiful. It brings comfort to my eyes. Your calm background is another great choice with no distractions at all.

    All the best!


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