A trip to the shores of Godavari River to take a dip in the Holy Waters.

You may think it weird. What is Holy Water!!!

Yes, but most Hindus believe in it. There are Holy Rivers for us and “Holy Water” at special occasions of celestial happenings.

  • River Ganga or Ganges is an Eternal Holy River for us since thousands of years.
  • Similarly, the confluence of 3 rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at a place known as Prayag near Allahabad city, North India is a holy place throughout the life.
  • Then, there are rivers which attain significance during some specific occasions of celestial happenings periodically. It is believed that nectar from heaven falls direct into these rivers on those special occasions when a planet enters a specified zodiac sign for a certain period.
  • You must have heard about Kumbh Mela that occurs every 3 years at one of the four places by rotation.at river banks in India. These four places and rivers are Haridwar on banks of Ganges river, Prayag (near Allahabad) at the confluence of 3 rivers as stated above, Nashik on the banks of Godavari and Ujjain on the banks of Shipra river. So each of these places celebrate one Kumbh Mela every 12 years..

So, when Nasik celebrates Kumbh Mela, all the other places on the banks of that river Godavari celebrate the occasion also. They are known as Godavari PushkaraluGodavari pushkaralu 6 in Andhra Pradesh.

This specific event is being celebrated presently (after a gap of 12 years) during 14/07/2015 to 25/07/2015 for 12 days during which millions of people are taking bath in the holy waters. All places are filled with devotees and roads are jam-packed with continuous overflow of vehicles. After taking dip in the waters, they go to nearby temples and thank go with prayers and then enjoy the occasion eating food under trees or at food restaurants specially opened at these places or on their way back home by the side of all highways.

You may view some more details about Kumbh Mela and Pushkaralu on the banks of all holy rivers in India at these following links:




2 thoughts on “A trip to the shores of Godavari River to take a dip in the Holy Waters.

  1. I was blessed at an early age to be introduced to the Vedic traditions, culture, and religion. They have often given me insight and inspiration for how to live a better life.
    Pilgrimages to sacred places of one’s faith are powerful and life-affirming. Baraka Bashad!
    Chazz Vincent


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