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We are mortal beings- A bitter reality

Blogging 101 #Day 11

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

All of us should have come to realise this harsh reality at some point or other.

I, for one, came across this bitter reality as early as at the starting point of my teenage when my mother expired. I was studying in Class VII at that time and I was shocked to see the body of her lying like some stone with eyes wide open. My father asked me not to cry as my younger brothers and sister might breakdown. My elder brother was far away in U.P. and he was informed. The body was kept in ice for two days.

It was a heavy blow to all of us, but we could not weep so as to not frighten the younger ones. Even though I had been at one or two death scenes of my infant siblings immediately after their birth, I didn’t remember feeling so much struck in my heart.

After that incident, I had to be a responsible son to my father studying well, looking after my siblings, taking them along with me to the shops and markets, coaching them whenever need arose, helping father in the kitchen and sharing all other responsibilities.

This incident has given me the lesson that life is very scary and one has no definite period of life span and anybody can meet death at any time. One can die even while he is in the womb, or after taking birth within some days, or even after some years. One can die young, one may reach old age and then die. My mother died in her forties, my father died in his fifties and I can see people celebrating 100th birthday also. I myself am presently 63.

So, it is clear that we are mortals and life is not certain for anybody. We must accept this bitter fact and try to be as humane as possible and accomplish some good works during this given little span of life.

  • Be generous and kind to people.
  • Be always ready for giving a helping hand to neighbours and even your own family members.
  • Avoid unhealthy practices and promote healthy habits thereby reducing health problems.
  • Help in keeping the society clean and pollution-free.
  • Try to make the world a better place for living thereby providing happiness to all.

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By Venkat Acharya

A senior citizen, retired accountant from the cement industry. Developed a passion for writing after retirement in 2010. Even though the writing is in his blood because of his father who has been a good writer and artist, Venkat started writing only from 2012 onwards (because of his busy workload during employment). His writings are mainly focussed on lifestyle tips, recipes, and Finance/Economics topics. Later, he started creative writing topics also at HubPages besides other online assignments. He loves art, music, reading books of different genres, expressing his views on various matters. Further, he self-published a book titled "Introduction to Economics" based on his own knowledge and experiences in a KDP book form as well as a Paperback at Amazon which is available only for $2 at this link:

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