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Blogging 101 #Day 12: Mortality and Immortality- Our way of Living

Browsing through the responses to the Daily Prompt “Finite Creatures”, I got much inspired by a post of ‘SOUL N SPIRIT’ titled “Living in Illusion”.

She presented her submission in a poetic form and discussed about mortality and immortality in an appealing approach. How people like to be more materialistic and do not like to be reminded about the fact of their being mortal beings. The fact that they may be required to leave this earth at any moment of life leaving behind all their materialistic assets and acquisitions that they had been collecting with so much eagerness.

Almost all of us like to be living for ever, enjoying the fruits of life. No one wants to die or grow to be older and become disabled. We do not like to accept this fact of our being mortal and always pretend to be ignorant of this fact. That’s how we engage ourselves excessively in materialistic pleasures of life and spend all our time in accumulating wealth and other material possessions. Even we do not care about whether we are going to enjoy these accumulations at any point of our lifespan or not. We blindly keep on accumulating whatever we can and keep ourselves engaged in illusions of life.

The author Rashmi Kashyap of Soul n Spirit has referred to these habits and innocence of man in her lines – “I am so possessive about this body and materialistic possessions”…………         ”  Start thinking and behaving as if I am the only immortal…….”

Now, coming to immortality, I would like to stress here that one can become immortal not in its physical sense, but by getting into the hearts and thoughts of people through one’s great deeds of kindness, generosity and engagement in activities that provide better life to all around him and also to the coming generations.

  • Do something good to society and your neighbours, so that you will remain in their hearts and thoughts for ever.
  • Try to spread the message of Love and Kindness to make the world a better place to live and thus remain immortal in the minds and hearts of people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi whose names are immortal.

I am giving a link to the post of “Soul n Spirit’ poem titled “Living in Illusion” here:-

By Venkat Acharya

A senior citizen, retired accountant from the cement industry. Developed a passion for writing after retirement in 2010. Even though the writing is in his blood because of his father who has been a good writer and artist, Venkat started writing only from 2012 onwards (because of his busy workload during employment). His writings are mainly focussed on lifestyle tips, recipes, and Finance/Economics topics. Later, he started creative writing topics also at HubPages besides other online assignments. He loves art, music, reading books of different genres, expressing his views on various matters. Further, he self-published a book titled "Introduction to Economics" based on his own knowledge and experiences in a KDP book form as well as a Paperback at Amazon which is available only for $2 at this link:

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