Blogging 101 #Day 13- Participating in Other Blogging Events

Hi, Friends. I have been late due to some birthday party of my granddaughter (It’s actually of my elder brother’s granddaughter).

I liked the idea of participating in blogging events and browsed through many of them specified as highlights by our wordpress favourites and all other listings of events. All of them are quite good for giving food to your thoughts and increasing your writing skills. But, I had to select one or two so that I can afford to participate on regular basis.

I selected to participate in one storytelling event and another recipe blogging event.

1) The story telling one is titled as “Literary Lion” event wherein, the organiser Laura Gabrielle Feasey has a jar of the literary lion which contains words and phrases left by his guests while leaving. Each week one of those words/phrases is given as a prompt and you have to write a story, flash fiction or poem, anything within 400 words and submit with a tag of Literary Lion and pingback to the challenge. The link to this challenge is here. 

2) The other one about recipes is titled as “Tasty Thursdays”. This event is organized by Razel Mella and all that you should do is to think back about the tastiest food you had eaten within those last seven days and write about it with a photo of the recipe and pingback it to the challenge. The full details of it can be viewed by clicking the event details at the bottom of this Link.

So, I hope to participate in both of these events, taking my time and I wish you may also love these challenges.


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