Blogging 101 #Day 14- Extending Brand with Custom Icon

I am very slow in all these things. Selecting an image for Blavatar has been of much tricky one. I could not find any suitable image that should be of small in size and be feasible to inscribe the words of Living Better also in it. After much search, it struck to my mind that a flower can blavatarsymbolise the theme of Living Better. So, I chose a flower of small pixels and edited it to write the words of L and B one upon another with green colour over that yellow flower by writing B on the horizontal line of L. This is presently what I keep to be my blog’s Brand.

The next thing I have done is to add a Follow button in the widgets section, so that any body can easily click the button to follow my blog.

I contemplate upon creating a Facebook Page also in the very near future so that I can promote my brand on it instead of piling up everything on my timeline which should be kept ideal for social media interaction only.

I would like to get your opinion about my blavatar and brand icon.

The blavatar/ brand icon has been later changed as per some good advice of our blogger Azhar Youssef.Β and now, the blavatar icon is as shown on the right side. Hope it is like I am selling Living Better.LB icon


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101 #Day 14- Extending Brand with Custom Icon

  1. Dear vnktchari,
    As always I love reading your reflective posts.
    For the blavatar, what about two small leaves? The green color tells a lot about living. Googling ” leaves icon png”, I got 2 images for you. Kindly find them below:

    What do you think?

    You also keep personalizing your blog and building your brand by adding a follow button and thinking about creating a Facebook page to connect to a larger audience and let the conversation go. You are doing very well. Great job, dear friend πŸ˜‰


  2. Hello again,
    To align the images that you insert into your posts, simply click on the image, then an editor will show up above it. Just choose left, center, or right to place them beautifully while writing.
    Happy Posting!


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