Tasty Thursdays – A South Indian recipe “Dahi Vada”

This post is in response to the Tasty Thursdays weekly prompt of Razel.

I have been to a birthday party of my elder brother’s grand daughter in my own city of Hyderabad two days back. It’s a 3 km distance that we reach by autos or in own car.

There I had this spicy, delicious dish known as “dahi vada’ or curd vadai along with cake and other items.

Vada is a round object with generally a hole in the center. It is made with black gram pulses soaked in water for 4 hours and then ground in a mixie with very little water to form the batter. It becomes very smooth after proper grinding and when you touch it with wet hanvadad it will not stick to your hand. This batter is placed in small quantities on your wet palm and dropped into the heated oil on the flame. When fried properly it will become brown in colour as shown in the image.

Before frying these vadas, you should keep the curd mixture ready in a container so that you can drop the fried vadas into that curd. But, most of us first put the fried vada into a bowl of water for one minute or 30 seconds and then only put them into the curd container to season the vada and also to save curd.

The curd mixture is prepared by adding some water to the solid curd. We add salt and chilli powder or small pieces of green chillies and ginger into the curd and mix well to prepare the curd.

The fried vadas are dropped in water and then put into this curd mixture and leave it to soak the curd into them for one hour. Now your dish of dahi vada is ready to be served. You may top the dahi vadadish while serving also with some red chilli powder and coriander leaves for great flavor and appearance as shown in the second image here.


5 thoughts on “Tasty Thursdays – A South Indian recipe “Dahi Vada”

  1. It looks and sounds delicious, but I do not know where to purchase “black gram pulses”. I will try to do a Google search to see if I can locate a source in the United States. Can’t wait to try to make them myself. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Chazz Vincent


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