Literary Lion “Water” – A Baby fell into the Water

This post is in response to the weekly blog event “Literary Lion” word prompt ‘Water’.

water tank

water tank

Two small children of age 2 years and 3 years were playing at a water tank in the backyard. Both were brothers. They bend over it snooping into water, putting paper boats, sticks, splashing the water all around and enjoying a lot. Suddenly, the elder one lifts legs to hold something at the bottom of water and slipped and fell into the water. The younger one got afraid and goes inside the house weeping. He tells his mother with his very difficult phrases that his elder had fallen into water. First, she was unable to catch up the matter. Then, suddenly, it struck to her mind that he must have fallen into the tank. Quickly, she ran to the tank and removed him from the water. She dried him up with towel and changed his clothes.

Then she gave a deep hug to both of them and poured many kisses to the younger one for immediately coming and informing the matter.

P.S. I didn’t get the suitable image for it. This tank is very high in height. The actual tank that I referred to in story was comparatively of lesser height and just inside the backyard of home.


2 thoughts on “Literary Lion “Water” – A Baby fell into the Water

  1. I heard about one similar incident many years back in our colony where one child sank in water and was informed about to his mother by a neighbour child immediately. I didn’t remember exactly the incident.


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