A short story – “The bell for justice”.

This story is in response to a blogging event “Creativity Carnival” organised by Shafali.

The Bell

Once upon a time, there lived a king. He was a very noble person with all good qualities. He was a good administrator and always kind to his people. He used to wander in disguise throughout his kingdom to know about the welfare of his people. Whenever, he noticed any problem to his people or any lapse in his administration, he immediately used to set things right by arranging immediate assembly of his ministers and courtiers.

Not satisfying with all these things, he further wanted to find a more quicker method of doing justice to the helpless and victimised immediately without waiting till he is able to conduct his scheduled visits. So, with the consultation of his ministers and courtiers, he erected a bell in front of his royal palace at the entrance gate. And he announced to all his people, that whoever may be in any trouble can ring the bell by pulling the long rope to it at any odd moment of time throughout 24 hours on any day.

This made doing justice to his people more easy as whenever anybody pulled the rope, a courtier would immediately attend to the victim and solve his problem within moments after consulting the king. In due course, some green climbing plants grew around and got intertwined with the hanging rope of the bell.

One day, it so happened that a very lean and thin horse was passing that way astray and seeing the greenery, began eating the leaves thereby the rope got pulled and the bell rang. Immediately, the attendant came running and found the horse. He informed the matter immediately inside. The king got the news that a horse was pulling the bell. He wondered how an horse was left like that to wander and immediately summoned its owner.

The horse man came and expressed sorry. But king did not leave the matter. He enquired, why he had left it like that. He told that the horse could no more pull the cart or do any work. So, it was left unseen. The king tells him, that it was his duty to take care of the animal as it served him all through the life. He should feed the animal throughout the life and take proper care henceforth and should not leave it like this.

In this way, the horse got justice and the king was happy that the bell could provide justice even to the animals of his kingdom.


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