Blog Event “Tasty Thursdays” – Palak Pakoras

Last week, I enjoyed ‘palak pakoras’ during an outing in the evening at some roadside eatery. But, I was unable to take a snapshot and so posting a wikimedia commons image of palak pakoras that actually fit with my pakoras.

I love palak pakoras made up of green fresh leaves mixed in the chickpea flour. It refreshes my childhood memories, when we four siblings used to go to the park on weekly off evenings in Chennai city some 50 years ago. We used to purchase the pakodis from a hotel in front of the park and eat them sitting on the park benches or sometimes on green grass lawns in the park watching the fountain and gossipping. At times we used to purchase the onion ones and at other times the palak or spinach ones. They used to be wrapped in a dry leaf especially used for packing food items. The flavour of that leaf and the pakoras makes a perfect appealing taste and gives very thrilling satisfaction.

How to prepare pakoras or pakodis

  • Cut the green leaves into pieces. You can add only green leaves or mix some potato and onion pieces also in it. You can prepare with only onion also or with cabbage leaves also.
  • Cut some green chilli peppers and ginger pieces also into very small pieces.
  • Take the chickpea flour and mix all the above pieces into it and add some salt and a little drop of turmeric powder also for good colour.
  • Mix the mixture with water to form the dough.
  • Take a deep frying pan and pour oil into it for frying purpose. Heat the oil till tiny bubbles appear.
  • Take the dough that was kept ready and drop small balls / bits of it into the hot oil. Fry the doughnuts turning with a spatula or turner till they get brown in colour as in the above image and remove them into a plate. Then drop some more balls of the dough into the oil and fry and repeat the process till all dough is got fried resulting into the pakoras.
  • Serve the pakoras hot with any sauce or chutney and enjoy. They are good for evening enjoyments especially during rainy or cold seasons..

This is my favourite dish since my childhood even today, even though, I should not eat fried things now due to health consciousness.


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