A Short Story – The Mysterious Chest

This story is in response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival. The prompt is her caricature depicting the Mystery Chest.


Once there lived an old woman. She had 4 children, two daughters and two sons. All married and having their own children.

Now, this woman used to spend 3 months at each one’s house in turns. And she always carried a chest with her wherever she went. It seemed locked always and each one was suspicious about this mysterious chest. “Perhaps it contained valuable jewellery and treasures”, each one of them thought. “Otherwise why should she be so careful and mindful of it?”

The old lady never allowed anyone to touch the chest. She always kept it under her head while sleeping or at her hand when awake. Even she used to carry it to the wash rooms also, never leaving it behind.

All the sons, daughters and in-laws took much care of that lady to please her in all respects, so that she might not find any fault with them. They thought by doing so, each one of them will get an equal share of that treasure. In this way, that lady spent all her life happily till her last breath.

Then one day, the ‘D’ day came and she left them behind to join the other horizons of universe. Her death rites were performed with all formalities and then they assembled together to open the chest. They couldn’t find the key and had to break open it.

Then, Lol!!! What did they find in it?

The mystery chest

The mystery chest

All that they could see in the chest were the artificial chains and works of sea shells, fancy jewellery that are used for decorating God, one locket containing the images of that lady and her husband, and some images of Gods and a bronze idol of Sri Krishna and some old photos of family.

And hark! There was one more treasure in it. A peace of paper containing some valuable message – “My dear children, always live together like this, loving and helping each other and be happy for ever”.

Even though, at first thought,  getting a shock at all this, slowly they realised their fault and felt ashamed of being greedy after wealth and were very sorry for all that. And thereafter, for ever, they lived happily enjoying the love and bondage that has been gifted to them by their mother and cherished it as their most valuable treasure of life.


4 thoughts on “A Short Story – The Mysterious Chest

  1. Another lovely story. You have a beautiful way of telling stories. Reading them is like walking with them in the winter sun – they are warm and they end so well. Have you ever considered sending your stories to Chandamama or Nandan? I think you should try at least once they’d be happy to find a storyteller like you.
    Thanks again for participating – it’s always great to read the stories you spin around my ink-drawings.


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