Literary Lion : Word prompt “Flower” – A wonderful Rose Plant

This post is in response to the “Literary Lion” weekly Blog Event being organised by Laura Gabrielle Feasey. This event has now been converted into a bi-weekly event by her. The word prompt for this bi-weekly is “Flower”. You can read Laura’s post and other entries submitted by our bloggers by clicking at this Link.

The wonderful Rose Plant

The Rose Flowers

Nirmala woke up as usual and opened the kitchen doors for starting her daily routine. And she is greeted by a sweet aroma and the enchanting bunches of rose flowers hanging to the flower plant in the corner of the backyard at the entrance of kitchen. She is awestruck at the sight of that beautiful scenery. She stood gazing the wonderful sight for some minutes and then ran into the bedroom to wake up her hubby to share her joy and excitement. Both of them again come to that beautiful sight and admire the wonderful scenery. The full atmosphere is filled with the enchanting smell of those sweet flowers. The breeze is blowing slowly and the flowers dancing melodiously with the breeze. Both of them experience a sense of pride and extreme satisfaction for possessing such a wonderful plant. They calculated the flowers at a glimpse and there were more than fifty on that only one single plant.

It is the only rose plant they are having, even though there are many other flower plants all along the border of the backyard wall. This rose plant is very special one for them with tens of flowers blooming daily during the season. The plant itself is of 6 feet high and taller than the wall, thereby most of the flowers visible to passers by on the lane. Neighbours often felt jealous at the rose plant.


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