Tasty Thursdays – Spicy Potato dish for a breakfast (Dum Aloo dish)

This week’s tasty thursday post is about a very tasty and delicious spicy dish prepared with Potatoes using “Everest” brand masala for spicing up it. I used some more ingredients also. This is being posted as a part of the tasty thursdays blog event organised by Razel of “World and Time Enough”.

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo

This dish is popularly known as “Dum Aloo” meaning mighty potato. It is very delicious and spicy and much heavy also. Good for a heavy breakfast. You can take it as a snack also at the evenings by eating only one or two pieces as a break between lunch and dinner.

It is very easy to prepare.

Cook the potatoes (preferred small, medium sizes) in a cooker. Cool them and remove the skin.

Grind some tomatoes in the mixie and keep it. Cut small pieces of one or two onions, one green chillies, small piece of ginger and coriander leaves.

Now, put the pan on the flame. Add two tablespoons of cooking oil and heat. Then add the pieces of onions, chilli, ginger and fry them. Then add 2 spoons of Everest masala or whatever brand of masala powder you may be using (vegetable curry/ spice powder for preparing recipes) and fry for some seconds. Then add the tomato juice to it. Allow one minute to cook the juice. Then add the cooked potatoes and mix well and top it with coriander leaves. Your dum aloo recipe is now ready for serve. You can cut the potatoes into pieces also before mixing, if you like so.

I hope you will enjoy it great.


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