Tasty Thursdays: Indian Preparation – Steamed Rice Balls known as Modak / Kudumulu / Undrallu

For this week’s “tasty thursdays” event, I would like to share about one dish that is associated with our festival “Ganesh Chauth or Vinayaka Chavithi” that was celebrated on 17/09/2015.


This preparation is known as ‘modaka’ in Northern India and as Kudumulu or Undrallu in Andhra Pradesh. This is considered to be the most favorite recipe cherished by Lord Ganesha. That is why he is depicted as carrying a bowl of these round balls in one of his hands.

So, I have prepared these steamed rice balls and offered to Ganesha after the worship on this occasion. These balls are cooked in steam and very simple and healthy.

The ingredients that you need for preparing it are – broken rice, a small quantity of split chickpeas (Bengal gram or chana dal), coconut grated powder and salt and water.


Take the broken rice required quantity into a steam cooker or pressure cooker. I cooked 200 grams for making 10 balls. Add a small quantity of chana dal (split chickpeas) for delicious taste. Then add water to it so that the broken rice gets soaked in it and thin layer of water is left above it. Add salt to taste and put the lid and pressure cook it for 7 to 8 minutes (till you get 2 whistles). Then, allow it to cool and remove it into a plate to mix the coconut powder. Make round balls of it by applying some oil to your hands to make them compressed.

Place the balls in a small container that can be put into a large container for steam cooking. Or you can use the idly plate with idli-cooker for this purpose. Steam cook for 4 to 5 minutes and then remove from flame and serve. I offered them first to God and then, we ate it as our breakfast.


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