Tasty Thursdays : Yummy Cottage cheese Starter – “Pahadi Paneer Tikka”

For this week’s tasty thursdays dish, I am introducing you to a great starter that I enjoyed during my dinner at Taj Mahal Hotel, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

'Pahadi Paneer Tikka'

‘Pahadi Paneer Tikka’

The above is a starter consisting of 4 to 5 square and rectangular shaped pieces which is served accompanied with a small bowl of mint and coriander paste to spice up it by topping the pieces or dipping into it.

This recipe is known as “pahadi paneer tikka” in our Indian language.

It is easy to prepare it.

The main ingredient is fresh and soft cottage cheese (known as ‘paneer’ by us). This ingredient is marinated  in yogurt for an hour or so along with other pieces of onions, tomatoes, potato, capsicum, etc. A small quantity of flour is added to thicken the mixture so as be able to prepare the shapes of squares or rectangular ones. These pieces are oven cooked for 2 or 3 minutes adding some oil. The cooked pieces will be soft to eat. The paste of mint and coriander leaves is prepared to spice up it by topping or sprinkling on the pieces at the time of serving.

It was a very great starter that I ever enjoyed.


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