Literary Lion – The “Fall”

This post is in response to the literary lion blogging event which is presently a bi-weekly event sponsored by Laura Gabrielle Feasey.

The word prompt for this turn as picked by the lion is “Fall”. One can view the original post on this fortnight’s prompt and the readers’ responses and posts by clicking at this link:

I am here now to tell my felling story. I originally wanted to do it in a poetic form. But was unable to rhyme it. So presenting in a prose form.

The “Fall” 

Her eyes were wide like lotus petals.

Her lashes were sharp like piercing arrows.

Her lips were soft like roses.

Her company was blissful like abode in heaven.

Her hugs were full of warmth and depth.

I couldn’t avoid but concede to my “fall”.

And that was none other than my better half.


I hope you will bear with me at this humble attempt of mine to participate in this challenge posed by my Literary Lion.


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