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Tasty Thursdays – A purely South Indian (Andhra Pradesh) Pancake known as “Dibba Rotti”

This week’s tasty thursday preparation is an entirely new thing for all of you. This item is popular in Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad, Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada and other places of these regions. The popular name for this item at these places is “dibba rotti recipe”.

It is a variety of (salty, not sweet) pancake prepared with the batter of rice and dehulled-split black lentils (urad dal). It is very delicious and tasty and mostly good for breakfast.

Pancake “Dibba Roti”

Preparation tips for “Dibba Rotti” Pancake

  • Soak rice and split black lentils for 5, 6 hours in water. For one measure of lentils, you can add two-and-a-half measures of rice. Soak the ingredients at 5 pm or so, so that you can grind them before going to bed.
  • After six hours, grind the soaked ingredients in mixer / grinder into a smooth batter. The paste so prepared should be smooth and soft but not liquid. While grinding add water little by little to make it a thick liquid batter.
  • Add salt to the batter after removing into a container and leave it the whole night placing lid on it. It will get a bit fermented by doing so and the recipe will be soft and delicious to eat.
  • Now, the next morning, place the deep frying pan on flame and add a tablespoon of oil to it.
  • After the oil heats, pour the batter with a ladle into the pan. You can add 2 or 3 ladles for one pan cake according to the size required by you.
  • Now place lid on it and allow to bake for 5 minutes on low heat.
  • After 4, 5 minutes remove the lid and turn the cake to the other side. The fried side should be golden brown in colour.
  • You may add a little bit of oil or not according to your choice and fry it for another 2, 3 minutes so that it cooks from the other side also. The other side when cooked will be of very light yellow / brown colour.
  • Now you can serve the pancake hot with some sauce, jam or chutney.

We enjoy these cakes known as dibba roti very much and I am sure you will also like it a lot when you taste it.

By Venkat Acharya

A senior citizen, retired accountant from the cement industry. Developed a passion for writing after retirement in 2010. Even though the writing is in his blood because of his father who has been a good writer and artist, Venkat started writing only from 2012 onwards (because of his busy workload during employment). His writings are mainly focussed on lifestyle tips, recipes, and Finance/Economics topics. Later, he started creative writing topics also at HubPages besides other online assignments. He loves art, music, reading books of different genres, expressing his views on various matters. Further, he self-published a book titled "Introduction to Economics" based on his own knowledge and experiences in a KDP book form as well as a Paperback at Amazon which is available only for $2 at this link:

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It is not so much difficult. You simply put both the ingredients in a bowl of water at evening time and leave it. Before going to bed, you can grind it within 5 minutes and then prepare the recipe next day morning with no more tensions.

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