I treat her as my Daughter – (A watchman’s daughter)

Treating others with kindness and generosity, who are working in your home, gives much pleasure and satisfaction to most of us. It is a kind of bondage between human and human or between one soul and another soul.

Ramya with deepaalu

Arranging the lights on Diwali Day

It took only 3 months or so to develop a bondage of uncle and daughter relationship between us after she started working in our house. She is good natured and used to do all work smiling and singing. One day, she was silent and I got worried what happened. When I went to see in the backyard, she was weeping silently. I enquired reason and after much persuasion, she told me that there is some entrance exam which she wanted to attend but she had no money to get registered for it. Her father didn’t have money to give her. I was much sad and felt pity on her. I gave the money and asked her to immediately fill the form and write the exam. This incident made her regard me even with much more respect and love. She, at times, used to refer me as her Dad while introducing herself to my relatives on their visit to my house.  I used to gift her something or other as a token of affection through the hands of my sister-in-law or their daughter-in-law.  This is because of some customs we follow. This attachment was much surprising to them.

All this happened one year ago.  She wrote the exam later and got a seat in the polytechnic college. Immediately after that she got married also and is living with her husband in another town. But our attachment of father- daughter relationship is intact even now. Whenever she comes, she meets me also and asks about health and does some help in my work.


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