Life is not a gamble


Life is a play. Play it wisely and smartly. It is not for gambling with high hopes of success and treasure.

Life’s for living happily and it is in our own way of thinking what is happiness. Real happiness is in living a simple life and making others also feel happy with your acts. It is not in pursuing gamble and risking the very purpose of life to achieve greedy and unrealistic goals.

Life is to face problems and solve them. It is not to evade responsibilities and seek refuge from challenges. Life requires much perseverance, determination and endurance.

Know the purpose of your life, set some achievable goals and pursue them without indulging in gamble. Do not get discouraged by failures or distractions. Continue your efforts like the spider that spins a web inspite of so many falls. Success will be there waiting for you.


This post is in response to the blogging event of literary lion organised by Laura Gabrielle Feasey. The word chosen for this time is “gamble”. You can view her post and other writers’ responses at this link.


4 thoughts on “Life is not a gamble

  1. But don’t we all gamble with life? Just making a decision to go forward can often be a gamble. I agree that pursuing your purpose is the goal: creating happiness, sharing happiness, living in happiness…those are the things that make us human…but even that can be a gamble…to risk a lot to be happy.

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    • I don’t think so. Pursuing something through your sincere efforts is not gambling. Gamble relates to greedy aspirations which are not achievable through normal and honest means. It is a lazy way of getting things without putting efforts. You might be betting something but it is not an effort.


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