Christmas spirit and holidays

Christmas spirit is all around now with people engaged in buying gifts and decorating the christmas tree. There’s great excitement and hurry among people to procure the most appealing christmas gifts to please and lure their children as well as friends and elders.


Birth of Christ

In this run for false prestige and show, most of the original purpose and spirit of Christmas is often forgotten.

We are forgetting to offer our prayers and thanks to Jesus for all His sacrifices and love for humanity. We enjoy the holidays celebrating parties and picnics or watching movies and engaging in other sources of entertainment bypassing the real purpose of Christmas Day.

Christmas is the day for celebrating the love of God towards mankind. It is the day of showing gratitude to Jesus, the Son of God who came into this world to sacrifice his own life to save his people. It is the day when He took all evil upon Him by being crucified so as to bear all the wounds upon him and remove the pains from their lives.

So we must try to understand the real christmas spirit by remembering all those pains underwent by Him for our own emancipation and enlightenment. We should show our love and respect towards Him and thank Him for all those sacrifices made by Him for our own sake.


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