Welcome to “Living Better”.

My purpose in blogging is to bring awareness among people towards “living better”.

Modern generations tend to be deliberately or unknowingly ignoring the various human values of society like our heritage, customs, culture, traditions, religious practices, spiritual values, etc. They are becoming more and more accustomed to leading a machine’s life with no feelings and emotions for relations and society.

The only thing that most of us are worried nowadays about is our own material growth and selfish needs. Due to this, we get easily attracted to sexual and materialistic enjoyment.  These things, in turn, lead to selfishness, hypocrisy, tensions, violence, and hatred among people. Thereby, we tend to adopt bad practices of smoking, drinking, addiction and developing vicious thoughts and feelings.

So it has become a need of the hour to get to some knowledge of discovering means for “living better”, through awakening the awareness of our cultural values, ethics, humanity and moral values of life for achieving mental peace and happiness and make the world a better place to live.

Through my blogs, I try to provide some hints and tips on creating better living conditions of life with instructive posts focused mainly on human values, healthy thinking, healthy eating, and other healthy lifestyles.

Regarding my own Bio, I am a retired accountant who seen and experienced a lot of unwelcome and bitter experiences of life due to pollution in the minds of society and environment which inflicted much loss to me and my people.

My interests are reading, writing, enjoying art, nature, music, and sports.

My other blog sites are:

http://vnktchari.blogspot.in/ (Lifestyle Tips)

Economics and Finance (Blog)

http://venkatacharim.hubpages.com/  (A Blog on Hubpages)

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Hallo 🙂 I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I tried checking for any Award Free Blog notices at your blog and didn’t spot one. Apologies if I missed such a notice, or if nominating you/ your blog for this award causes any inconvenience or distress. You may have received a pingback from my nominations post at https://bedressed.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/surprised-by-a-blogger-recognition-award/ My very best wishes to you, Colette.


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