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Tasty Thursdays: A pure wheat Dessert “Halwa”

For this week’s tasty thursday post, I am going to share with you a healthy, soft and nice dessert known as “Halwa”.

It is a peculiar rare kind of dessert prepared by very few people. But, I bet you will love it and especially lovely for children. It is known as wheat milk halwa

This “Halwa” is prepared with the milk obtained from soaked wheat. So, it has all the healthy qualities and can be good for any person.

Wheat Milk Halwa
Wheat Milk Halwa Source: free images

Ingredients required: Wheat (1 cup for 4 serves), sugar (2 cups), cashew nuts, raisins, cardamom, a little ghee or vegetable oil.and food colour is optional (saffron or kesar).

Preparation tips for the wheat milk halwa recipe:

  • Soak the wheat in water for 24 hours or so. You can keep them in water all through the previous day and prepare next day.
  • Remove water and grind the wheat in a mixie adding water little by little to grind into a liquid paste that resembles thick milk.
  • Strain the milk from the paste into a container using a plastic or metal strainer.
  • Grind the extracted paste again by adding water. Again strain the milk from it and repeat this process 3, 4 time until you can get no more milk.
  • Now, keep all the milk to set for a hour or so without disturbing it.
  • Remove the thin water like milk by pouring it into another bowl.
  • Fry the cashew nut pieces in a small pan with some oil till they are brown.
  • Now take the sugar in a bowl and put on medium flame adding one cup water. Keep stirring to make the syrup into a golden brown colour.
  • Add the condensed wheat milk into the syrup while keeping stirring. Add the cashew nut pieces, raisins, cardamom powder and a little bit of vegetable oil to it while mixing. The colouring elements can also be added if you want colour. It is only optional for better appearance. Cashew nuts may also be optional.
  • Keep stirring on very low flame to avoid burning until it starts to become hard.
  • Now remove it from flame and pour onto a plate applied with the vegetable oil or ghee. Cool it for some time to cut into pieces. If you do not want to cut into pieces, then you can serve it as it is from the bowl itself after cooling.

Now, I hope you will enjoy this wheat milk halwa.