It’s Five Years

Today, I received the accolade from WP for being at this wonderful site for the last 5 years. I couldn’t believe it. Time lapsed so quickly.

I went to check whether their statement is true. I found out that I am really here since 30/06/2013.

I started my blog here with a post on a very simple known fact that “Earth Revolves Around the Sun” published on 30/06/2013.

Then followed my very serious post about a tragic event in my life: My wife’s Death. I told in that post how our life is uncertain and how everything ends in a blink of a second.

If you are interested, you can read it here: Death is a Stealthy Attacker

And, thank you all for being with me through these wonderful years of journey.

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Back to Blogging?

Hi, All!

I decided to come back after a very, very, long absence. I have been busy with work, and without work also all this time. But, I want to keep engaged here with you all and made up my mind to blog at least once in a week.

I may not be writing any long posts. But, I would like to keep in touch with even some tiny rants about my daily chores and perceptions of life.

I have been reading some of your blogs all along this gap period, from time to time and enjoyed reading them and liking them often. But, now, I will keep scribbling something or other frequently here and keep in touch with you all.

So, I hope you will keep company with me.Flowers Bouquet

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A Kindle e-book “Economics for Beginners”

Hi, all friends and viewers!

I have been inactive here for more than 6 months. You might be wondering what held up me from visiting you people here and in sharing my views here.

I have been occasionally reading an article or two of our friends here and lieconomics-bookking or commenting on them.

But my major time was focused on compiling and editing a book on Economics for the beginners. And, I got it published on now.

So, my e-book on Economics for Beginners is available now on Kindle at a very lo
w cost of $2.99 only.

It is a book for economics students as well as for start-up businesses. Published in a very simple language so that even a fresher or a common man can understand it very easily.

I wanted to share this news with you here and receive your best wishes for the success of my first project in this publishing field.


Happy New Year bloggers

Wish you all, my dear friends and bloggers,

“A Very Very Happy New Year 2016”

May the new year bring happiness and all success in your

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Random Update – My undertaking to commitment

I have been a bit off from my track for some days here. My last post has been on 27th August. Thereafter, I didn’t participate in the Tasty Thursday event and missed it. And, tomorrow is going to be the next Thursday again.

I can’t exactly spell the reason for it. But, somehow, I didn’t find the time as I have been busy without any business, as I would like to term it.

So, I am very unhappy with my absence and feel bad about it.

I promised to post at least two posts every week – both are of course my responses to the blog events of “Tasty Thursdays” and “Literary Lion“. And I will keep strict with this commitment, any how.

Regarding my participation in “Shafali’s Caricatures” event, I may be skipping some of them depending upon my other schedule. But, I will try to participate in as many of them as possible.

Besides above commitments, I would like to post one more extra post every week on Living Better tips or stories. It can be of a single paragraph or may be one full page as per circumstances.

So, I request all of you to bear with my omissions and commissions.

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Blogging 101 #Day 13- Participating in Other Blogging Events

Hi, Friends. I have been late due to some birthday party of my granddaughter (It’s actually of my elder brother’s granddaughter).

I liked the idea of participating in blogging events and browsed through many of them specified as highlights by our wordpress favourites and all other listings of events. All of them are quite good for giving food to your thoughts and increasing your writing skills. But, I had to select one or two so that I can afford to participate on regular basis.

I selected to participate in one storytelling event and another recipe blogging event.

1) The story telling one is titled as “Literary Lion” event wherein, the organiser Laura Gabrielle Feasey has a jar of the literary lion which contains words and phrases left by his guests while leaving. Each week one of those words/phrases is given as a prompt and you have to write a story, flash fiction or poem, anything within 400 words and submit with a tag of Literary Lion and pingback to the challenge. The link to this challenge is here. 

2) The other one about recipes is titled as “Tasty Thursdays”. This event is organized by Razel Mella and all that you should do is to think back about the tastiest food you had eaten within those last seven days and write about it with a photo of the recipe and pingback it to the challenge. The full details of it can be viewed by clicking the event details at the bottom of this Link.

So, I hope to participate in both of these events, taking my time and I wish you may also love these challenges.

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Blogging 101#Day 6 and Day 7 – It’s “About Page” and “Personalization of Blog”

#Day 6 activity:

I already had one about page. So, what I did is to read it again and again to make it more sensible and relative to my blog. I changed some slight wordings to make it apt. Then created a short summary or two sentenced essence from it. I selected a text widget from the Widgets tool. Pasted the message in it and saved. Then re-arranged my widgets into my desired sequence. That was what I did yesterday and then posted a link to my about page on the Commons.

#Day 7 activity:

Today, I spent much time on looking at various options for personalising my theme and background of the blog. I made a slight change in the background colour and side bar. Then, I thought of checking all my widgets and make it more appealing and customer friendly.

In the text widget, I changed wordings and provided a hint to click on About button to view my full about Page. Then I added a title to the social media buttons to highlight the buttons. I added buttons for your easy navigation in the widgets bar showing up as “Home” and “About”. You can now easily navigate to my About page by opening the Widgets bar and clicking on About button. After viewing the page, you can return back to Home by opening the Widgets bar again and clicking the Home button.

So, now, I feel confident that you will find my blog more appealing and easily navigable. Your suggestions and cooperation are solicited.