The Purpose of Life

Today I told my son his purpose of life.

My son was very depressed and could not find any interest in his life. Unable to work, unable to earn money, unable to be happy, and totally discouraged and no interest to live.

So, I had to tell him that he has one primary purpose in his life.

And that is:

To be supportive and helpful to his brother and father (he already lost his mother and has no sisters) not with money but with love, feelings, caring words, and actions.

Next, to be helpful to his Elder-Father and his Elder-Mother (we call them like that only- his father’s brother and sister-in-law?).

To be helpful to his siblings (children of above).

To be helpful and supportive to his neighbors.


These are to be the actual purposes of the life of anybody, I believe.

It is not earning money, getting a respectable job, high status in the society, and enjoying yourself that should count.

The true purpose of anybody’s life is to be supportive and helpful to his people through caring words and activities. To his neighbors and the society around him.

Try to make the world a beautiful place for everybody living there in this world through mutual communications, affectionate feelings, and activities.


Happy Mother’s Day | Celebrate With True Love

mother's day

Mother’s Day is a worthy and welcome event that has been designed by the nice efforts of Anna Jarvis long ago in 1908 when she celebrated this event for the first time in the year 1908 in ST. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Grafton, West Virginia to pay tributes and gratitude to her own mother who had been a peace activist caring and nursing the wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. She died in the year 1905. But, Anna Jarvis was very fond of her mother and her social work. So, she continued her work of welfare activities and campaigned for the recognition of a special day to be set for celebrating as Mother’s Day from 1905 itself. Her efforts gave fruits when President Woodrow Wilson declared the Second Sunday of every May to be celebrated as Mother’s Day from the year 1914.

Anna Jarvis wanted to pay gratitude to her mother with a sincere and honest heart. She was of the opinion that a Mother’s love and sacrifice for her family or the entire humanity can never be evaluated with anything in the world. So, everybody should be indebted and grateful to her. That gratitude should be celebrated by honoring and respecting the Mother, if not daily, at least yearly. That was the reason for establishing this Mother’s Day event.

But, people began commercializing this event. The business-minded took advantage of the feelings of people and introduced varying products to make profits. Everything has become artificial now. The true feeling of love and attachment are not found through these commercialized products. It has become a token of gratitude but not the true gratitude and love that a mother might be wanting.

So, I feel the need for celebrating this event in a more personal way. A true expression of love and gratitude does not require all these Mother’s Cards and precious Gifts.

True love and care for your mother are expressed when you sit with her and talk sweetly with her, offer home-made food to her by sitting by her side and serving the food with your own hands with true love.

Spend a little time daily with your mother and give attention to her. Keep her healthy and happy always. That is the true gift that we can provide to our mothers.

We Keep Lots of Contacts but No Connection

Nowadays, most of us do not maintain the connection with people that is essential for true Relationships.

There is a lot of difference between Contact and Connection.

What is Contact

Contact can be any kind of informal touch with people. It is a kind of relationship that is only a physical proximity. You live among them or in their group. You come across them in your daily life more often either through physical presence or through the internet and other communication systems like mobile phone, etc. But, you do not know each other intimately and do not care for each other.

You are maintaining the contact only for your own benefit or for the simple reason that you are bound to do so. You take everything casually.

Connection Meaning

But, a connection is not that kind of casual relationship or contact.

Connection requires your close attachment to the people you want to keep the connection. It involves a deep mental relationship. You care for them. You know their interests and habits and keep a love for them.

For example, take the case of your family. You care each member of the family and know their needs and wants. You always enquire about their health and other things. You will be closely interacting with them, love them and care for them. This is the real meaning of having a connection.

A connection is maintained heart to heart.  Sitting together, sharing, caring, touching, loving, hugging, shaking hands. It is maintained through a direct eye contact. You will be sharing food from the same plate and enjoy the time happily with one another.

Need for Maintaining Connection

We need to maintain these real types of connection with our other contacts also if we have to make this world a happy and beautiful place to live.

A simple talk with your contacts can bring happiness in their lives. People can feel happy when they realize that there is someone to care for them and inquire about their health or other problems. Try to help people in problems by simply inquiring about the cause for their worries. You may not help them financially or otherwise. But, if you are able to do that also, it is well and good. But, try to talk to them with care and concern for their life. That simple talk can bring hope and strength in their lives thereby making them bold to face problems.

So, Connection is more important than a mere contact with anybody as it brings happiness to your lives and the people around you. Be Connected as far as possible.

Need for The Code of Conduct or Morality

We live in a society. No one can live aloof from society unless he has taken reclusion and goes to live in a deserted land, forest, or a hill-top.

And, you can see that one has to perform different actions to meet his daily requirements of life. Without action, there is no life. Just like I act, the other also may be acting in his own way. Thus, the entire society is the collection of various activities of various people.

Further, each of us often needs to interact with other people around us. We may have to take help from the other or need to help the other at times. Thereby, our actions affect the people around us and their actions, in turn, affect our lives.

Now, you may be realizing the concept of how each person’s actions can impact others’ lives.

We need to develop a code of conduct for all of our actions that shall be acceptable to all the members of the society. This code of conduct is known as Morality or Moral values of a society.

Each one of our actions should be performed in such a way that it does not impact a bad effect on your neighbor’s existence or life. If everybody tries to act in his own way, without caring for the existence of the other, it will be a chaos. The society can become tense and very difficult to live peacefully.

So, the need for some moral values and ethics of society arise. Our present society is lacking these moral values and gradually becoming very unruly and uncontrollable. That is why we are witnessing so many rapes, terror attacks, fraud cases, criminal activities, etc.

Our Governments and Judiciaries have become very weak to protect people.

If only each person understands his moral obligations and tries to differentiate between what is right and wrong, or good and bad, and tries to correct himself, then only can our humanity survive and lead a peaceful life.

Be Honest to Your Self

We need to be honest in all our actions and thoughts for achieving something. Honesty always leads to success.

If one is honest in his actions, he will not be worried. He enjoys the satisfaction that he has done his duty without evading or skipping anything. It will provide him with a nice feeling of joy and happiness. He can sleep well. He need not be afraid of anyone. Because he had done his duty perfectly well.

Otherwise, when he would have evaded his duty or responsibilities, he would be always feeling tense and be worried about being spotted and questioned. He would be unable to face his own self which will be pointed towards his guilt acts. He can’t be happy or enjoy his life peacefully.

So, we need to be honest always for our own sake. For our own happiness and our family’s happiness.

The Two Most-Desirable Qualities of Life

Love and Gratitude are the two most desirable, fundamental qualities of any human being.

The human being is born to Love. As a child, he is attached closely to his mother and loves her the most. Thereafter, he begins noticing all the other things in the environment and gradually gets attracted by them and falling in love with them. Everything makes him wonder with awe and appreciate it.

While doing so, he would begin to think of the creator of those beauties of nature and begins to realize that he should appreciate the generosity and warmth of that invisible power which is so kind and loving towards humanity for bestowing all that happiness to the mankind. He begins to be thankful and express his gratitude to that Almighty Power.

Even though there is no eternal or continuous happiness in your life, you should notice that, in most cases, you are able to pass through those difficult periods of life with your confidence and faith. This confidence and faith are the tools provided to you by the almighty to guard you always.

So, we need to be grateful to God for being empowering us with these amazing qualities of Love and Gratitude which are essential for our survival on earth.

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of Life?

Most people express various views about the purpose of life.

For example, I will say it is to be happy and content. Some other will tell it is achieving a certain goal of becoming an entrepreneur, an actor, a famous player, reaching some top-most post in any field, etc. Someone may say it is to become a millionaire or a billionaire.

So, it differs according to their perspective of life.

We look at life from different angles and mostly think of material pleasures and possessions only.

But, I would say the most basic requirement in our life is the peace and happiness that we can enjoy. If there is no peace of mind or no happiness, everything else would be of no worth at all.

One should realize this essence of life- to make it as happy and lovable as it can be.

1280px-Rose_OsakaKeep this Happiness and Peace of mind as your goals whenever you think of your goals in life.