Ganesh Chauth Celebrated- A Festival of The Lord of Obstacles (Remover)

We celebrate this festival every year on the auspicious day of the fourth day of Bhadrapada màsa (the sixth month of Hindu calendar) that generally falls at the middle of August or first week of September.

This festival is celebrated for nine days and on the tenth day, the idol is immersed in rivers or tanks with due respect.

All Ganesha temples are a place of the congregation of devotees during all these days. Cultural programmes are also arranged in which music and dance programs take place during daytime or late evenings after the worships are over.

The roads are filled with idols being carried by groups of devotees in carriages for immersion on the last day of the festival with bands of music and shouting of farewell slogans to God with a request to come earlier next year to protect them from problems.

Live a Simple Life and make Living Better for others

Living Better is not merely confined to your own life or to making your own family’s life better. It is a much wider term. It implies making the life of others also better through your actions.

Be an ideal for others.

Live a simple, but happy life. Control your desires and wants by refraining from excessive indulgence in satisfying them.

Differentiate between needs and luxuries or extravaganza. You must satisfy your needs up to a certain limit and reject others that are only unnecessary for your life and without which you can lead a happy life.

If you are indulging in excessive purchases and consumption of goods, you may be indirectly depriving the other members of your society even from their bare necessities.

When people gifted with an abundance of purchasing power make excessive purchases, the producers need to produce more goods to meet the demands of the entire people of that place.

But, you must be knowing that the available resources are always lesser than demand. Ultimately, prices will go up and poorer sections of the society can not buy things enough to meet even their immediate necessities at such increased prices.

The result will be the insufficient satisfaction of even the basic needs of those sections of society. Added to that will be the diminishing state of resources available for future generations and an inflation spiralling upwards.

So, leading a simple life (I am not saying that you should forego all your wants, but try to control them) will make your life happier along with those lives of all sections of the society. This will definitely yield you a greater satisfaction and happiness than you ever expected as you are contributing to the happiness of your whole society by simply acting with prudence and economy.


Literary Lion: “Pool”- Dreadful pool


The pool in her village

She was sitting at the pool with her feet touching the water. Her eyes are looking at the water, but her thoughts immersed deep into memories of her childhood. She is on a visit to her grandparents after so many years, but her memories are afresh. She can clearly visualise that dreadful day when she was playing paper boats with her tiny brother who drowned into the pool in an attempt to catch her boat. She could not forgive herself for not being able to save him in spite of the fact that she did not know swimming.

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Simple Poetry used to impart moral lessons and wisdom

Poetry has always been a medium for imparting awareness and education in younger generations and common man all over the world. I would like to bring forth here about the greatness of two Telugu poets who have spread awareness among public regarding moral values, social issues and general knowledge. These poets tried to educate people so that they can see and understand things practically and rationally.

The poets wrote hundreds of poems in very simple, commonly used spoken language of Telugu illustrating and supporting their teachings with some simple one liner parables from daily life. These compositions are known as “Vemana satakam” and “Sumathi satakam”. Satakam means one which comprises of hundred verses. Vemana satakam author is of the same name Vemana (full name being Gona Vema Buddha Reddy), whereas Sumathi satakam author is Baddena Bhupal (also known as Bhadra Bhupala). Both were born in Andhra Pradesh, India during 13th and 14th centuries.

Here are some examples of moral messages through their poems containing parables.

  1. Gold does not make sound like bronze – In the same way a gentle man always speaks softly whereas mean person speaks harshly and loudly.
  2. A mountain appears small in a mirror – So, where it is not proper you should not show your greatness or wisdom. Being small and humble does not mean you are inferior.
  3. If you beat a wooden doll, it will not begin speaking. If you bring a rat skin and wash it throughout the year, it will not turn white. In the same manner, you can not change the nature of people altogether. Try to adjust with them.
  4. If you bring a dog, wear it clothes and crown it at an auspicious occasion on the golden throne, does it leave all its prior habits and behave like a royal king? In the same way, mean mentality people can not be expected to change their mean thoughts and bad habits.

Other inspiring messages in the poems of these poets

  • Helping a person that helped you is not a great thing. But helping that person who harmed you, without counting his faults, is the greatest quality of your personality.
  • It is always wise to listen to others and then to understand whatever he said with a cool mind and research over it to confirm its validity before accepting it.
  • Salt and camphor seem alike, but their tastes and qualities are different. In the same way try to differentiate between wise men and ordinary men and follow wise people.
  • Do not keep finding faults in others. Each of us have our own faults. Those who count faults of others, do not know their own faults.

There are hundreds of poems imparting lessons which are helpful in educating our children and for applying in our daily lives. You can read some more of their messages at my other post at this link.



Literary Lion – Six word story “Starman”

The below is my six word story in tribute of David Bowie, the great singer- writer- musician, who is also known as ‘starman’, who died recently on Sunday, 10th January, 2016.


Starman” thy “fame” hath “ziggy stardust“.

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Christmas spirit and holidays

Christmas spirit is all around now with people engaged in buying gifts and decorating the christmas tree. There’s great excitement and hurry among people to procure the most appealing christmas gifts to please and lure their children as well as friends and elders.


Birth of Christ

In this run for false prestige and show, most of the original purpose and spirit of Christmas is often forgotten.

We are forgetting to offer our prayers and thanks to Jesus for all His sacrifices and love for humanity. We enjoy the holidays celebrating parties and picnics or watching movies and engaging in other sources of entertainment bypassing the real purpose of Christmas Day.

Christmas is the day for celebrating the love of God towards mankind. It is the day of showing gratitude to Jesus, the Son of God who came into this world to sacrifice his own life to save his people. It is the day when He took all evil upon Him by being crucified so as to bear all the wounds upon him and remove the pains from their lives.

So we must try to understand the real christmas spirit by remembering all those pains underwent by Him for our own emancipation and enlightenment. We should show our love and respect towards Him and thank Him for all those sacrifices made by Him for our own sake.

Life is not a gamble


Life is a play. Play it wisely and smartly. It is not for gambling with high hopes of success and treasure.

Life’s for living happily and it is in our own way of thinking what is happiness. Real happiness is in living a simple life and making others also feel happy with your acts. It is not in pursuing gamble and risking the very purpose of life to achieve greedy and unrealistic goals.

Life is to face problems and solve them. It is not to evade responsibilities and seek refuge from challenges. Life requires much perseverance, determination and endurance.

Know the purpose of your life, set some achievable goals and pursue them without indulging in gamble. Do not get discouraged by failures or distractions. Continue your efforts like the spider that spins a web inspite of so many falls. Success will be there waiting for you.


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