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Literary Lion – ‘Ice’: Stuck in hailstorm and ice pellets

This post is in response to Laura Gabrielle Feasey’s blogging event literary lion. This week prompt picked up by the literary lion is “Ice”. You can view the details and other participant posts by clicking at this link.

My post is an incident from real life some years ago.

ice pellets
ice pellets from hailstorm

I have been on a vegetables shopping spree which takes place each week through some lanes.  On that particular day, when I reached the place, suddenly the atmosphere developed into dark clouds with heavy winds blowing from all the four (rather say eight) directions in whirlwinds passing through the lanes blowing off each and everything on their way. The whole atmosphere has become chaotic with very cool and shivering gales. I was caught up in hailstorm.  Ice pellets began falling from above. It appeared as if the whole sky had developed cracks and pieces of it falling from with lighting speed from such an altitude. Dark clouds were roaring like fierce, hungry lions. I had to take shelter below some safe concrete roof holding on to a pillar to guard myself from those heavy winds and save my head from those ice pellets. Everything has become chaotic with customers and vendors running hither-tither.  Within minutes, all lanes were flowing with heavy rainwater. I got completely wet with the winds moulding the course of rain astray and spraying water every moment. It kept like that for full 30 minutes and everything was so dark and gloomy all around even after the rain and the ice pebbles stopped falling. It has been a great, unforgettable event in my life. I have never been in an hail storm like that before or afterwards.

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Literary Lion: “Edge” – Sliding down the edge – Scary and humorous memories

Many years back, October to March have been months of picnics and trekkings of small hills or cliffs.We used to backpack food ingredients, stoves and utensils. Trek the hills and find shady resorts or go down the valleys and camp at water points. There, we unpacked the items, prepared food on gas or on woods collected from around and thus enjoy the whole day cooking and viewing nature’s glory.

The treks or passages for climbing or descending used to be much slippery sometimes, as the miners used to blast surrounding hills for limestone, etc. So, it required much attention and carefulness while on those outings.

One of our companions had some slight neurotic disorder due to which his steps used to waver during conflict circumstances. Particularly whenever he reached an edge, he used to falter and take indecisive steps leading to a slip down the hill. The edges of cliffs or hills used to be much loose and soft. But, in most cases, you will not go down as there were rocks and bushes all around to protect you from going down. So, we used to enjoy a lot experiencing those slips and slides and never got scary. That fellow had more falls and sometimes got wet with mud waters, but always used to be smiling and enjoying.


This post is in response to the blogging event of literary lion hosted by Laura Gabrielle Feasey.

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Literary Lion – “Sun” – Sun is the Energy for Life

This post is in response to the blogging event of “Literary Lion” sponsored by Laura Gabrielle Feasey each fortnight. This event serves as an inspiration to writers to weave their stories, poetry or essays around a prompt provided by the literary lion. This fortnight’s prompt is “Sun”.

Rising Sun
Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

The Sun emerges from behind the mountains and clouds of Darkness sprouting like an orange surrounded by lots of floating pink feathers and radiant glows of pink and then transforming into a yellow ball emitting golden rays of hope and promises of new life into the world.

The whole nature awakens with freshness and fragrance of flowers and greenery of grass, plants and leaves. The birds singing chirping tunes, welcoming the Sun, sitting on the wires, roofs of buildings and branches of trees. The temple bells celebrating the occasion spreading melodious tunes throughout the air. Holy people rendering  grand reception with folded hands, offering waters and prayers, thereby purifying their bodies in the bliss of those golden rays. The whole world springs to life and activity.

Sun is the energy for our life

Sun provides the most essential Vitamin D for our body. Sunlight protects us from all diseases and viral bacteria. He provides the light without which one can not survive. He is one of the 5 essential elements of our body. All life on earth is possible because of his presence. So many seers regard him as the physical form of God.

One who does not avail these blissful moments of early hours of sun rise is deprived of many benefits and may be prone to diseases. So, awake early and try to benefit from all these plus points of beautiful sunrise and start your day with freshness and recharged energy.

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Literary Lion : Word prompt “Flower” – A wonderful Rose Plant

This post is in response to the “Literary Lion” weekly Blog Event being organised by Laura Gabrielle Feasey. This event has now been converted into a bi-weekly event by her. The word prompt for this bi-weekly is “Flower”. You can read Laura’s post and other entries submitted by our bloggers by clicking at this Link.

The wonderful Rose Plant

The Rose Flowers

Nirmala woke up as usual and opened the kitchen doors for starting her daily routine. And she is greeted by a sweet aroma and the enchanting bunches of rose flowers hanging to the flower plant in the corner of the backyard at the entrance of kitchen. She is awestruck at the sight of that beautiful scenery. She stood gazing the wonderful sight for some minutes and then ran into the bedroom to wake up her hubby to share her joy and excitement. Both of them again come to that beautiful sight and admire the wonderful scenery. The full atmosphere is filled with the enchanting smell of those sweet flowers. The breeze is blowing slowly and the flowers dancing melodiously with the breeze. Both of them experience a sense of pride and extreme satisfaction for possessing such a wonderful plant. They calculated the flowers at a glimpse and there were more than fifty on that only one single plant.

It is the only rose plant they are having, even though there are many other flower plants all along the border of the backyard wall. This rose plant is very special one for them with tens of flowers blooming daily during the season. The plant itself is of 6 feet high and taller than the wall, thereby most of the flowers visible to passers by on the lane. Neighbours often felt jealous at the rose plant.


Earth Revolving Around Sun

All of us know that Earth revolves around the Sun. But most of us may still be having some doubts and random thoughts  as to the process and out comes of these revolutions and variations in days. Even now we use words like Sun rises, Sun sets, etc. even though all of us know that it is not rising of Sun.

What happens is the Earth is slowly turning towards Sun and it is turning from west to east. As the Sun becomes visible we say Sun is Rising. And at evenings Earth is turning towards west from east side. So the portion of Earth that was in east now becomes slowly dark and there will be night as it turns towards west side. The portion that was in the west will now be getting towards east and facing Sun. So it will be day time for that portion of the world. That is how when it is day time in India it is night for U.S. and vice versa.

But why Sun is rising? How does it rise from below Earth to above and at mid-day appears on our heads? How is it possible? When Earth is turning towards Sun which is already there, it should appear in front of us and should remain there through out the. But the reality is Earth is turning towards Sun from west to east rolling in such a way that it appears as if Sun is rising upward whereas it is the Earth rolling upside to bottom wards. It is just like you revolve in a Giant Wheel. When you are in a giant wheel you can experience that while you are coming down, the objects in front of you appear to be moving upwards whereas it is not so. It is only you that are moving downward and all objects are intact at their own position. In this same manner, when you are at a point of the Earth and rotating upward to downward, you experience Sun to be rising in front of you.That is how Sun rises in our lay man’s view point.

When earth is rotating all the people, animals, birds and rivers and seas and everything on it are also turning and rotating along with it from east to west and west to east. How is it possible? It is because of the gravitational force of the Earth. There is a central gravitational point and magnetic field around the Earth which holds every thing in position during its rotations. So every thing remains in its own position during these rotations and nothing gets disturbed.

Now, one more thing. The Earth is not absolutely round in its shape. It is oblate spheroid in shape. Rotating on its own axis the Earth is revolving around the Sun also. To complete one such revolution around the Sun it takes 365. 25 days roughly. And when rotating around itself, Earth is not rotating perpendicularly. It is rotating at a tilted axis of 23.5 degrees roughly tilted towards celestial plane. Further it is revolving around Sun in an oval shaped orbit known as elliptical orbit. Due to this reason Earth is placed sometimes nearer to Sun and at other times farther.

These variations in distance of Earth from Sun and the tilted axial rotation of the Earth and its oval shaped revolution around Sun all contribute for the seasonal variations in any year. When Earth is nearer to the Sun and gets direct rays from Sun, it is Summer and when Earth is farther from Sun and the sun rays are falling slantly on Earth it is cold or Winter, and like wise. These same factors contribute for the differences in the lengths of days and nights and variations in seasonal changes also.

Note: Images copied from Google images