Getting treatment for Foot Ulcers

Recently, I have been getting treatment for my ulcers under my both feet. I have been suffering from these ulcers since long. But, I didn’t experience so much trouble with them all through this long period as of recently. So, I had to get them treated by surgery and through medicines.

operated (right) on 5th day

Operated foot on 5th day

In the first week of April, I got the surgery for one foot and it took 2 weeks to get fully cured. They removed the ulcers by minor surgery and prescribed some antibiotic medicines and pain relief tablets. Further, I have been advised to wear some special shoes that put lesser pressure to the operating portion of the foot while curing. They are soft sandals with holes (actually they cut and remove a portion of the layers from the shoe according to the size of the ulcer) to accommodate the sensitive part of the foot for curing without inflicting pain or pressing the sensitive portion. You can wear it very easily with full comfort even over the bandaged foot.

I got the second foot surgery on 5th of this month and I am still wearing the bandage as it is not fully healed. But, I am feeling very much relieved from the pain, stress, and inconvenience that I had been experiencing all through those years. I am able to perform all my work including cooking by standing in the kitchen for long durations (presently I am living with my son who is still unmarried and we are only two here at present as my wife passed already 4 years back) by wearing those sandals.

Now, within next week, I hope I will be fit again with my feet. I am sharing this experience as it may help others undergoing such problems.


A Kindle e-book “Economics for Beginners”

Hi, all friends and viewers!

I have been inactive here for more than 6 months. You might be wondering what held up me from visiting you people here and in sharing my views here.

I have been occasionally reading an article or two of our friends here and lieconomics-bookking or commenting on them.

But my major time was focused on compiling and editing a book on Economics for the beginners. And, I got it published on now.

So, my e-book on Economics for Beginners is available now on Kindle at a very lo
w cost of $2.99 only.

It is a book for economics students as well as for start-up businesses. Published in a very simple language so that even a fresher or a common man can understand it very easily.

I wanted to share this news with you here and receive your best wishes for the success of my first project in this publishing field.