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Welcome Again With An Excuse

Sorry for the absence again for a full month.

My computer went off developing some hardware problems. I had to get it fixed through some close acquaintance of mine. And, it got delayed for many days. I had some more personal problems also that hindered my work even after getting back my computer. So, it all resulted in this long gap of one full month at my blog.

But, I kept in touch with WordPress reading some of your posts whenever I was able to do so through other means. Now, I will be regular here even though I have to work on a book also at the same time. I do not like to lose your company at any cost. Because there are so many wonderful writers and bloggers here.

Thanks to all of you who do a great service by sharing your beautiful and insightful thoughts for the good of people.


It’s Five Years

Today, I received the accolade from WP for being at this wonderful site for the last 5 years. I couldn’t believe it. Time lapsed so quickly.

I went to check whether their statement is true. I found out that I am really here since 30/06/2013.

I started my blog here with a post on a very simple known fact that “Earth Revolves Around the Sun” published on 30/06/2013.

Then followed my very serious post about a tragic event in my life: My wife’s Death. I told in that post how our life is uncertain and how everything ends in a blink of a second.

If you are interested, you can read it here: Death is a Stealthy Attacker

And, thank you all for being with me through these wonderful years of journey.

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Back to Blogging?

Hi, All!

I decided to come back after a very, very, long absence. I have been busy with work, and without work also all this time. But, I want to keep engaged here with you all and made up my mind to blog at least once in a week.

I may not be writing any long posts. But, I would like to keep in touch with even some tiny rants about my daily chores and perceptions of life.

I have been reading some of your blogs all along this gap period, from time to time and enjoyed reading them and liking them often. But, now, I will keep scribbling something or other frequently here and keep in touch with you all.

So, I hope you will keep company with me.Flowers Bouquet

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Random Update – My undertaking to commitment

I have been a bit off from my track for some days here. My last post has been on 27th August. Thereafter, I didn’t participate in the Tasty Thursday event and missed it. And, tomorrow is going to be the next Thursday again.

I can’t exactly spell the reason for it. But, somehow, I didn’t find the time as I have been busy without any business, as I would like to term it.

So, I am very unhappy with my absence and feel bad about it.

I promised to post at least two posts every week – both are of course my responses to the blog events of “Tasty Thursdays” and “Literary Lion“. And I will keep strict with this commitment, any how.

Regarding my participation in “Shafali’s Caricatures” event, I may be skipping some of them depending upon my other schedule. But, I will try to participate in as many of them as possible.

Besides above commitments, I would like to post one more extra post every week on Living Better tips or stories. It can be of a single paragraph or may be one full page as per circumstances.

So, I request all of you to bear with my omissions and commissions.

Blogging 101

Blogging 101- Final Weekend and A Review of my activity and achievements till now

Michelle W. and Blogging U team have done a great job by providing us this opportunity of learning wonderful blogging ideas and tips to customise and build up a great blog. I shall ever remain grateful to them for providing this wonderful course and guidance.

I have been given some more great tips by the team in yesterday’s mail that asked me to

  • Review your posts to date and use them to brainstorm
  • Make some social calls

1) Regarding review of my posts and work till now, literally I doesn’t have any brainstorming achievement. The only thing I am happy about is that I learnt a great lot through this course and enjoyed the company of many friends here. One more thing I am proud of is that I got 305 views in this July month only whereas the total views for whole 2 year period on my blog stands at 437 views. So, this is a milestone that I achieved this month here. Now, I will be regular here posting at least 2 posts in a week besides my daily visits to the posts of my other friends and newbies and interacting with them.

2) Now, coming to social calls, I have already told you that I am participating in two blog events- Tasty Thursdays and Literary Lion. So, I visited the posts by some other participants on those events and left comments on two other tasty thursday posts and one literary lion post which appealed most to my senses. This is in addition to my regular activity of reading posts of others and liking or commenting on them which is a definitely regular practice of mine at any site.

So, this is all about my reviews and social callings.

Finally, I want to thank all my friends and followers for their great support without which I could not have achieved even this much progress. Thanks a lot.

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 #Day 8 activity – It’s about loving your neighbours

I always love my neighbours and try to be friendly with them. And here on, I found so many lovely fascinating neighbours, all with their own amazing qualities and skills. I can’t just select a few and leave others. Because all of them are unique in their own way and I can learn so much from them and like to be with all of them and enjoy their company.

I already follow many of them and started interacting by viewing their content and leaving my comments also and especially, I liked shafali’s caricatures ( blog and Harsh Reality ( Blog and some others.

But, today I have been asked to view and comment on some new blogs. So, I viewed and left my comments on the following blogs which appealed to me much.

1) – on a post titled “Left Brain, Right Brain – which one is better? This blog illustrated the features and functions of two parts of the brain very well which I got impressed.

2) – This blog also impressed me for the target fixed by the writer and his varying topics that are being dealt with. I commented on the article “Can you see God” which impressed me.

3) – This blog’s about page impressed me very much where the author arranged all the about page in a image with suitable icons showcasing all skills. It’s really a wonderful work.

4) – As I myself am experienced in cooking, I love recipe hubs also. So, I thought of making friendship with some recipe hubs also. I went through one recipe that I like titled “matcha sponge cake with raspberries-lemon-curd-cream” which appealed to me and liked it much.

I viewed some more blogs and topics also and try to read many more on daily basis. Reading and expressing my views is a regular habit for me and so I like to enjoy much here in your company.

Thanks to all of you, great writers for feeding so much valuable information here daily.