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Creativity Carnival “Inspiration”

Shafali at Creativity Carnival, either draws sketches  or creates caricatures each week on Fridays, and asks the readers to respond to it by creating some posts, essays, short stories, poems or doodles.

This week’s prompt is a drawing of the ill-tempered Eve attempting to eat the forbidden fruit as seen from the caricature inserted below. You can view the full details of this challenge at this link titled “Creativity Carnival – Inspiration“.

Eve with apple

Inspiration is a kind of stimulation or feeling from within your soul, an innate urge to do something creative or useful generally for the betterment of life.

The urge to do something can be the result of seeing or watching something appealing to you from people around you or the incidents and circumstances around you. But getting inspired is generally positive in nature. Inspiration is attributed to positive thoughts only. Anything negative and destructive is not referred to as being the result of inspiration.

In the above caricature, on first glance, one will be looking at the act of eating the forbidden fruit by that ugly minded ( instigated by the satanic serpent) woman known as Eve. But if you look carefully, you can see other positive inspiring things also. There is the fallen apple, the sketch pencil, the feather and ink pot, etc.

So, instead of getting drawn by the evil thoughts and the ugly nature of things, you can look at it positively and appreciate the skills with which the figure has been created and get yourself inspired to draw wonderful drawings using the pencil, feather, ink.

If you are of research mentality like Sir Isaac Newton, you can analyse why the apple fell on ground instead of hanging in air and what are causes and the effects of it.

In our daily life, we can get so much inspiration by watching people or events and from the wonderful nature if we are positive enough to receive the signals. So one should be always positive and keep himself ever ready to receive the inspiring signals.

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A Brave Girl of Humanity: Malala Yousafzai

This post is in response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival – “Girl”. Shafali has created a cue art of a Girl and asked us to respond to it with a post using her cue art.

So here is my take.


By the mention of girl, I immediately think of Malala Yousafzai, the brave girl who fights for the rights of socially and educationally oppressed girls.

She came to limelight at her tender age of only 15 years, when she was shot at by some militant groups while travelling in a school bus at Swat valley of Pakistan. The news spread to all corners of the world that a small school girl has been fighting with the Taliban militants even from her much tender age who were controlling and suppressing the freedom of women and girls. A new hope was born to all women and school going girls and she received much applause and support from all angles.

Malala started spreading awareness among people about the atrocities on women and girls through blog posts and meetings. She was the main person for introduction of the Right to Education Bill and other international laws related to education and protection of girl students and women. She even runs a Malala Charity Trust to help girls and women all over the world. She bagged many awards and the Noble Peace Prize also in 2014.

Now, the girls need not fear and tremble before crimes and atrocities. They have many laws to protect them, if only they can be willing enough to make use of them and prosper in all fields of life.

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Handcuffs – A symbol of unbreakable bondage at times

This post is in response to Shafali’s “Creativity Carnival“. She presented a drawing of “Handcuffs” with a rose in it as the prompt for this week.


Neeru and Manu are siblings. Manu always used to spend his time playing with his friends in front of the house in the lane. But Neeru is not allowed as she is a girl and much younger. She has to satisfy herself watching them play, sitting on the door steps.

At times, she used to get nervous and excited watching their play and run to them. But, immediately, she gets scolded and driven back to her place. Even her mother could not convince the boys to allow her to play with them even for a while.

One day, the girl found some colorful handcuffs on a street vendor’s cart in front of her house. She had previously seen them when she was on a trip with her mother to one of her relative’s house. Some children were playing the police, thief play when she was there. So, on seeing this vendor, the girl got some idea to play with her brother. She requested her mother to buy those colorful cuffs for her. The mother purchased them happily as she wanted to keep the girl happy at any cost.

The next day, when Manu was getting ready, Neeru goes nearer to him to show the handcuffs around her wrist. He got curious and began looking at it admiringly. In the meantime, she held his hand and put the other end of the cuff around his wrist which got locked immediately. Both of them thus got locked up in it and he could not go anywhere without her movement. So, he had to keep with her and play with her till he could get out from the lock. The key was hidden by the girl somewhere out of his reach. But, Manu was not at all displeased at this and enjoyed playing with her and realised how happy his sister has been feeling all through the time.

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Faces are mirrors of one’s character and appearances

This post is in response to the creativity carnival event being hosted by Shafali. She creates every Friday, a caricature and throws a challenge at the bloggers to interpret and use it in their responses to that challenge. This week’s challenge is to respond to her caricature titled “Faces”. You can find the details of this challenge and the responses received against that challenge by clicking at this link: “Creativity Carnival – Faces”.



Faces are the mirrors of your feelings and character. A glimpse of the face can either make you love the person or hate the person. Some faces bring happiness while others bring lots of sorrow, tension and worries.They are like books telling the story. They tell the story of the person holding that face.

And, faces acquire decency and beauty with the looks and structure of the body, their hairstyles, makeups and costumes and all those extras.

But, sometimes, it may be difficult to read the faces of people. Because, they project multiple faces. Outer expressions will be something that appear to be nice, but inner thoughts will be ugly and different. Due to this, those faces which pose to be very nice and gentle externally may turn out to be inwardly most cunning and vicious.

The eyes are mostly dependable in such circumstances. Eyes can tell you all that faces may not be revealing in most cases. By studying one’s eyes, you can judge accurately whether a person is honest or not.

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A Short Story – The Mysterious Chest

This story is in response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival. The prompt is her caricature depicting the Mystery Chest.


Once there lived an old woman. She had 4 children, two daughters and two sons. All married and having their own children.

Now, this woman used to spend 3 months at each one’s house in turns. And she always carried a chest with her wherever she went. It seemed locked always and each one was suspicious about this mysterious chest. “Perhaps it contained valuable jewellery and treasures”, each one of them thought. “Otherwise why should she be so careful and mindful of it?”

The old lady never allowed anyone to touch the chest. She always kept it under her head while sleeping or at her hand when awake. Even she used to carry it to the wash rooms also, never leaving it behind.

All the sons, daughters and in-laws took much care of that lady to please her in all respects, so that she might not find any fault with them. They thought by doing so, each one of them will get an equal share of that treasure. In this way, that lady spent all her life happily till her last breath.

Then one day, the ‘D’ day came and she left them behind to join the other horizons of universe. Her death rites were performed with all formalities and then they assembled together to open the chest. They couldn’t find the key and had to break open it.

Then, Lol!!! What did they find in it?

The mystery chest
The mystery chest

All that they could see in the chest were the artificial chains and works of sea shells, fancy jewellery that are used for decorating God, one locket containing the images of that lady and her husband, and some images of Gods and a bronze idol of Sri Krishna and some old photos of family.

And hark! There was one more treasure in it. A peace of paper containing some valuable message – “My dear children, always live together like this, loving and helping each other and be happy for ever”.

Even though, at first thought,  getting a shock at all this, slowly they realised their fault and felt ashamed of being greedy after wealth and were very sorry for all that. And thereafter, for ever, they lived happily enjoying the love and bondage that has been gifted to them by their mother and cherished it as their most valuable treasure of life.

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A short story – “The bell for justice”.

This story is in response to a blogging event “Creativity Carnival” organised by Shafali.

The Bell

Once upon a time, there lived a king. He was a very noble person with all good qualities. He was a good administrator and always kind to his people. He used to wander in disguise throughout his kingdom to know about the welfare of his people. Whenever, he noticed any problem to his people or any lapse in his administration, he immediately used to set things right by arranging immediate assembly of his ministers and courtiers.

Not satisfying with all these things, he further wanted to find a more quicker method of doing justice to the helpless and victimised immediately without waiting till he is able to conduct his scheduled visits. So, with the consultation of his ministers and courtiers, he erected a bell in front of his royal palace at the entrance gate. And he announced to all his people, that whoever may be in any trouble can ring the bell by pulling the long rope to it at any odd moment of time throughout 24 hours on any day.

This made doing justice to his people more easy as whenever anybody pulled the rope, a courtier would immediately attend to the victim and solve his problem within moments after consulting the king. In due course, some green climbing plants grew around and got intertwined with the hanging rope of the bell.

One day, it so happened that a very lean and thin horse was passing that way astray and seeing the greenery, began eating the leaves thereby the rope got pulled and the bell rang. Immediately, the attendant came running and found the horse. He informed the matter immediately inside. The king got the news that a horse was pulling the bell. He wondered how an horse was left like that to wander and immediately summoned its owner.

The horse man came and expressed sorry. But king did not leave the matter. He enquired, why he had left it like that. He told that the horse could no more pull the cart or do any work. So, it was left unseen. The king tells him, that it was his duty to take care of the animal as it served him all through the life. He should feed the animal throughout the life and take proper care henceforth and should not leave it like this.

In this way, the horse got justice and the king was happy that the bell could provide justice even to the animals of his kingdom.