Literary Lion – Prompt “Dance” – Make your Life full of Dances

Dance can be any kind of movement of the body and limbs.

Traditional Korean Dance. Source: at

Traditional Korean Dance. Source: at

Dance need not be professional. You don’t need to take classes and a course for dancing in its ordinary sense, unless you want to be professional. It is an innate instinct and attribute present in every body. It’s a means of expression of your joy and happy moments of life.

You find yourself dancing impulsively without your own knowledge when you are too happy. Even a baby dances when seeing her mother. Even more serious people also dance to some rhythm or other moments of joy, secretly when alone. Because you can’t avoid it.

The nature is full of dance. You see the trees and plants dancing. The corn fields, the flowers, all the greenery dances. The birds, parrots, peacocks, penguins- all dance. You can experience the sea waves, waterfalls all dancing. The entire environment dances when you are able to perceive and experience it.

So, let our hearts dance. Don’t sink with problems and worries. No life is devoid of problems. You have to live with them. Take some time to enjoy the beauty of world and let your spirits dance. Make your life full of dances.