A flash fiction story (or a Dream?)

I was travelling in a train. Suddenly, I recognized a person standing in the middle holding the grab handle. He wishes me and expresses joy that I was able to recognise him after so much a long gap.

In the meantime, he finds some place and sits. Just then, a lady, probably his wife enters from the other compartment and sits beside him. She seems more sexy and exposing and the fellow was more inconvenient and embarrassed with her. He covers her from others’ view by sitting in front of her  and requests her to change herself as he is feeling much discomfort. She does not like the idea, but goes into the washroom and emerges wearing a saree. Her two children were there in another seat and gaze at her with wonder and astonishment as if seeing her for the first time in their life.


Sometimes, we can’t explain or understand the mentalities of people and their actions. Weird things happen with weird people.