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What is Forgiveness

Can you define “Forgiveness”?

Once a little boy described Forgiveness as follows to his parents:

“It is the fruit that a tree gives you when you hit it with a stone”.

What a wonderful definition!

That boy’s reply explains the essence of it all in such a simple way. You can’t provide a better example or answer for it.

Forgiveness is to love a person in spite of his vile nature and weak points. It is offering love and care in spite of receiving pain or abuse from him.

It is just like a mother loving her child and the tree giving the fruit in spite of bad treatment.

There are many advantages and plus points of Forgiveness.

  • Forgiveness provides you peace of mind. Otherwise, you will be always in tension as you get engaged in disturbing thoughts about the people around you. If you forgive the person, you can move on smoothly. Similarly, the forgiven person can also feel relaxed and get adjusted himself.
  • Forgiveness can aid the person that gets forgiven to realize his mistakes and to repent for his vile acts. Thereby, he can build his moral character by reforming himself.
  • Forgiveness reduces violence and tension. When you are not reacting violently to a wicked act, the doer of that act naturally gets cool and soft in his deeds and tries to wonder why his opponent is not attacking him. So, it gives him time to think and become soft. That way, violence gets reduced and he may correct himself and get his problem solved through mutual talk. It is just like Mahatma Gandhi offering his other cheek when slapped on one of his cheeks. Immediately the person refrains himself and comes to dialogue and mutual negotiation.
  • And, there is this last one. God forgives you and likes you more when you forgive others.
Human Values Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of Life?

Most people express various views about the purpose of life.

For example, I will say it is to be happy and content. Some other will tell it is achieving a certain goal of becoming an entrepreneur, an actor, a famous player, reaching some top-most post in any field, etc. Someone may say it is to become a millionaire or a billionaire.

So, it differs according to their perspective of life.

We look at life from different angles and mostly think of material pleasures and possessions only.

But, I would say the most basic requirement in our life is the peace and happiness that we can enjoy. If there is no peace of mind or no happiness, everything else would be of no worth at all.

One should realize this essence of life- to make it as happy and lovable as it can be.

1280px-Rose_OsakaKeep this Happiness and Peace of mind as your goals whenever you think of your goals in life.

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Simple Poetry used to impart moral lessons and wisdom

Poetry has always been a medium for imparting awareness and education in younger generations and common man all over the world. I would like to bring forth here about the greatness of two Telugu poets who have spread awareness among public regarding moral values, social issues and general knowledge. These poets tried to educate people so that they can see and understand things practically and rationally.

The poets wrote hundreds of poems in very simple, commonly used spoken language of Telugu illustrating and supporting their teachings with some simple one liner parables from daily life. These compositions are known as “Vemana satakam” and “Sumathi satakam”. Satakam means one which comprises of hundred verses. Vemana satakam author is of the same name Vemana (full name being Gona Vema Buddha Reddy), whereas Sumathi satakam author is Baddena Bhupal (also known as Bhadra Bhupala). Both were born in Andhra Pradesh, India during 13th and 14th centuries.

Here are some examples of moral messages through their poems containing parables.

  1. Gold does not make sound like bronze – In the same way a gentle man always speaks softly whereas mean person speaks harshly and loudly.
  2. A mountain appears small in a mirror – So, where it is not proper you should not show your greatness or wisdom. Being small and humble does not mean you are inferior.
  3. If you beat a wooden doll, it will not begin speaking. If you bring a rat skin and wash it throughout the year, it will not turn white. In the same manner, you can not change the nature of people altogether. Try to adjust with them.
  4. If you bring a dog, wear it clothes and crown it at an auspicious occasion on the golden throne, does it leave all its prior habits and behave like a royal king? In the same way, mean mentality people can not be expected to change their mean thoughts and bad habits.

Other inspiring messages in the poems of these poets

  • Helping a person that helped you is not a great thing. But helping that person who harmed you, without counting his faults, is the greatest quality of your personality.
  • It is always wise to listen to others and then to understand whatever he said with a cool mind and research over it to confirm its validity before accepting it.
  • Salt and camphor seem alike, but their tastes and qualities are different. In the same way try to differentiate between wise men and ordinary men and follow wise people.
  • Do not keep finding faults in others. Each of us have our own faults. Those who count faults of others, do not know their own faults.

There are hundreds of poems imparting lessons which are helpful in educating our children and for applying in our daily lives. You can read some more of their messages at my other post at this link.



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I treat her as my Daughter – (A watchman’s daughter)

Treating others with kindness and generosity, who are working in your home, gives much pleasure and satisfaction to most of us. It is a kind of bondage between human and human or between one soul and another soul.

Ramya with deepaalu
Arranging the lights on Diwali Day

It took only 3 months or so to develop a bondage of uncle and daughter relationship between us after she started working in our house. She is good natured and used to do all work smiling and singing. One day, she was silent and I got worried what happened. When I went to see in the backyard, she was weeping silently. I enquired reason and after much persuasion, she told me that there is some entrance exam which she wanted to attend but she had no money to get registered for it. Her father didn’t have money to give her. I was much sad and felt pity on her. I gave the money and asked her to immediately fill the form and write the exam. This incident made her regard me even with much more respect and love. She, at times, used to refer me as her Dad while introducing herself to my relatives on their visit to my house.  I used to gift her something or other as a token of affection through the hands of my sister-in-law or their daughter-in-law.  This is because of some customs we follow. This attachment was much surprising to them.

All this happened one year ago.  She wrote the exam later and got a seat in the polytechnic college. Immediately after that she got married also and is living with her husband in another town. But our attachment of father- daughter relationship is intact even now. Whenever she comes, she meets me also and asks about health and does some help in my work.

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 #Day 1- Who I am and Why I am here

Hi, everybody.

I want to introduce myself to all of you as to who I am.

I have been an Accountant throughout my life, professionally, and spent most of the life in preparing Balance Sheets, Cost sheets, and keeping records of the company wherever I worked.

Presently aged 63, I am a retired widower with some time to spare.

I was born to a writer-cum editor-cum artist who was the offspring of a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh, India. My original language is Telugu of Andhra Pradesh and English is my second language. My education was done in then Madras city (now Chennai). Even though I was proficient in Accounts and Maths, I am interested in arts, music and books. And, the interesting point is writing seemed to be hidden in my blood all these years until it came bursting out on my retirement.

I first thought of blogging in the year 2010. But was not having tools. I had to wait for more than one year. Finally equipped with a computer, I posted my first article about the unhealthy practice of peeing at public places on Instablogs community site.

Why I am here?

I definitely have some purpose in blogging.

I feel much worried at the problems we are facing in our society due to the polluted atmosphere both physical and mental. We are experiencing increasing corruption, environmental pollution, social issues and health problems and are unable to control situations. So, I want to at least do some blogging to bring awareness to people who might be needing some clues towards better living. I like to see all of you “living better”.

I want to share some knowledge of mine regarding lifestyles, morals, human values and good habits and health issues and anything that can be of use to all of us including me. Because, through blogging, I can get more stimulation and browse through all related material needed for my content and can view great opinions and content on most of those related subjects from experienced people and thereby build up my own knowledge so as to be able to share valuable content with my people.