The Powers of Patience and Self-Control

Did you ever experience it?

The astonishing benefits of Patience and Self-Control!

Most people may regard your patience as a weakness and negative quality. But, it’s not like that in reality. Your patience gives you an opportunity and some extra time so that you can judge things more accurately. You can perceive everything more clearly and then plan for your proper response and action.

The same applies to Self-Control also.

Self-Control refers to the quality of being able to control your self from being responding in a violent or tense atmosphere. It makes you calm for the time being; so that you do not get carried over by your spontaneous emotions of tension, anger, despair, or depression, etc.

By practicing control over your instant emotions or feelings, you are able to calm yourself and, then, look after circumstances in a more clear and rational manner. You can perceive things and form a clear picture of the events so as to be able to judge them more accurately and wisely. Then, you can plan a course of action to tackle the problems by finding some reasonable and practical means of solving them more successfully.

So, both Patience and Self-Control are very important qualities of a successful person.

They provide you the cool and peaceful atmosphere that is required in order to access problems more properly and search for the meaningful ways of tackling or overcoming those issues hindering your progress in the life.

Let us succeed in our life by practicing these good qualities.

A Hindu Ceremony- Upanayanam

Upanayanam is a sacred thread ceremony meant for boys after they attain the age of 8. But sometimes, it is lingered and celebrated before the marriage. It is the stage when a child is able to perceive the imparted knowledge and digest it thoroughly.

It is the wearing of a sacred thread that is to be worn till his death. The person gets entitled to receive enlightened spiritual education along with other arts and science knowledge. It is believed that a person becomes eligible to perform sacred rituals only on wearing this thread that is called as “yajnopavita”. The thread is worn to the child by his parents after purifying it through the chanting of mantras and performance of some rituals during the thread wearing ceremony performed with the guidance of the priest in the presence of relatives.

The panther that created panic and laughter!

She entered his house without giving any prior notice to surprise him. She had been to the city on some sudden visit and thought of giving a surprise to him.

It was late evening hours and the lights were dim when she entered the hall. Suddenly her heart sunk in fear and began beating fast. She noticed a panther standing in one corner of the hall in its full length, with its emerald green eyes staring towards the entrance door, as if ready to pounce upon the entrant. A loud scream went out through her mouth. She was shivering completely with her body fully wet in perspiration at the shock of seeing the  animal.

Hearing the scream, a young man came down from the upstairs through the same corner where that wild animal was standing. He lighted the lights and was surprised to see her and quickly understood the state of her mind. He was unable to control himself and laughter broke out from his mouth evaporating her tension.

She realised her foolishness and got angry over him. What could anybody else have done in her condition? After all the panther was so much realistic and huge in size.


This post is in response to the literary lion blogging event organised by Laura Gabrielle Feasey against this fortnight’s prompt of “panther”. You can view all stories of participants by clicking at this link

Literary Lion: “Pool”- Dreadful pool


The pool in her village

She was sitting at the pool with her feet touching the water. Her eyes are looking at the water, but her thoughts immersed deep into memories of her childhood. She is on a visit to her grandparents after so many years, but her memories are afresh. She can clearly visualise that dreadful day when she was playing paper boats with her tiny brother who drowned into the pool in an attempt to catch her boat. She could not forgive herself for not being able to save him in spite of the fact that she did not know swimming.

This post is in response to the literary lion blog event sponsored by Laura Gabrielle Feasey which can be viewed at this link for more reads.

A flash fiction story (or a Dream?)

I was travelling in a train. Suddenly, I recognized a person standing in the middle holding the grab handle. He wishes me and expresses joy that I was able to recognise him after so much a long gap.

In the meantime, he finds some place and sits. Just then, a lady, probably his wife enters from the other compartment and sits beside him. She seems more sexy and exposing and the fellow was more inconvenient and embarrassed with her. He covers her from others’ view by sitting in front of her  and requests her to change herself as he is feeling much discomfort. She does not like the idea, but goes into the washroom and emerges wearing a saree. Her two children were there in another seat and gaze at her with wonder and astonishment as if seeing her for the first time in their life.


Sometimes, we can’t explain or understand the mentalities of people and their actions. Weird things happen with weird people.

Creativity Carnival “Inspiration”

Shafali at Creativity Carnival, either draws sketches  or creates caricatures each week on Fridays, and asks the readers to respond to it by creating some posts, essays, short stories, poems or doodles.

This week’s prompt is a drawing of the ill-tempered Eve attempting to eat the forbidden fruit as seen from the caricature inserted below. You can view the full details of this challenge at this link titled “Creativity Carnival – Inspiration“.

Eve with apple

Inspiration is a kind of stimulation or feeling from within your soul, an innate urge to do something creative or useful generally for the betterment of life.

The urge to do something can be the result of seeing or watching something appealing to you from people around you or the incidents and circumstances around you. But getting inspired is generally positive in nature. Inspiration is attributed to positive thoughts only. Anything negative and destructive is not referred to as being the result of inspiration.

In the above caricature, on first glance, one will be looking at the act of eating the forbidden fruit by that ugly minded ( instigated by the satanic serpent) woman known as Eve. But if you look carefully, you can see other positive inspiring things also. There is the fallen apple, the sketch pencil, the feather and ink pot, etc.

So, instead of getting drawn by the evil thoughts and the ugly nature of things, you can look at it positively and appreciate the skills with which the figure has been created and get yourself inspired to draw wonderful drawings using the pencil, feather, ink.

If you are of research mentality like Sir Isaac Newton, you can analyse why the apple fell on ground instead of hanging in air and what are causes and the effects of it.

In our daily life, we can get so much inspiration by watching people or events and from the wonderful nature if we are positive enough to receive the signals. So one should be always positive and keep himself ever ready to receive the inspiring signals.

Handcuffs – A symbol of unbreakable bondage at times

This post is in response to Shafali’s “Creativity Carnival“. She presented a drawing of “Handcuffs” with a rose in it as the prompt for this week.


Neeru and Manu are siblings. Manu always used to spend his time playing with his friends in front of the house in the lane. But Neeru is not allowed as she is a girl and much younger. She has to satisfy herself watching them play, sitting on the door steps.

At times, she used to get nervous and excited watching their play and run to them. But, immediately, she gets scolded and driven back to her place. Even her mother could not convince the boys to allow her to play with them even for a while.

One day, the girl found some colorful handcuffs on a street vendor’s cart in front of her house. She had previously seen them when she was on a trip with her mother to one of her relative’s house. Some children were playing the police, thief play when she was there. So, on seeing this vendor, the girl got some idea to play with her brother. She requested her mother to buy those colorful cuffs for her. The mother purchased them happily as she wanted to keep the girl happy at any cost.

The next day, when Manu was getting ready, Neeru goes nearer to him to show the handcuffs around her wrist. He got curious and began looking at it admiringly. In the meantime, she held his hand and put the other end of the cuff around his wrist which got locked immediately. Both of them thus got locked up in it and he could not go anywhere without her movement. So, he had to keep with her and play with her till he could get out from the lock. The key was hidden by the girl somewhere out of his reach. But, Manu was not at all displeased at this and enjoyed playing with her and realised how happy his sister has been feeling all through the time.