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Your Karma Decides Your Results

Whatever you do or ponder upon that is important.

Your actions and thoughts give you the results and lead you to your success.

Nothing other is important here. You can’t blame other people or circumstances for your failures. Because everything has some solution if you can analyze the problem or the situations hindering you. Nobody is responsible for your situation. They can only guide you or hinder you, but can never prevent you from reaching your destination.

So, we need to be clearcut in our opinions and goals and implement them through our actions with sincere efforts and good planning.

Let us learn from our mistakes and become more smart and wiser day-by-day. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes. Because only if we act, can we learn things. Otherwise, we can’t learn anything.

But always remember that good actions result in good results and bad actions result in bad results.

It is that much simple. Your Karma decides your life.

So, let us try to be honest and sincere in our thoughts, plans, and actions to improve our lives.

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Bhagavad Gita – The Gospel of Lord Krishna for attaining Peace and Happiness

Bhagavad Gita is delivered to humanity by God himself as a guideline and solution for the everyday problems and doubts arising in their daily lives. It shows the path for reaching moksha or a state of bliss.

I think moksha is not a reference to our life after death. Most believe and associate moksha with other world life after the soul leaves our body. But, for me moksha is happiness, peace and bliss that we experience in this own present life.

It is attained by overcoming the selfishness attitudes and materialism of this materialistic world. Our own senses guide us wrongly through shortcuts to achieve physical pleasures of life and engage ourselves in selfish acts and materialistic pleasures. Thereby we ignore the human values and indulge in unhealthy practices hurting or embarrassing our own neighbours and weaker sections of society.

Bhagavad Gita has shown the path for attaining happiness and a peaceful state of mind by overcoming the 6 enemies of life, namely,- kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya – ie. by refraining from lust, anger, selfishness, attachment, ego and addiction.

  • Three paths have been prescribed for overcoming these enemies of happiness in the Gita which are the paths of Devotion, Knowledge and Detachment.
  • One can attain bliss through utter devotion and faith and loyalty in his actions.
  • Or, he can seek wisdom and truth behind everything and thereby attain happiness and bliss.
  • Otherwise, he can adapt the path of detachment and then also attain happiness and peace.
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Blogging 101 #Day 12: Mortality and Immortality- Our way of Living

Browsing through the responses to the Daily Prompt “Finite Creatures”, I got much inspired by a post of ‘SOUL N SPIRIT’ titled “Living in Illusion”.

She presented her submission in a poetic form and discussed about mortality and immortality in an appealing approach. How people like to be more materialistic and do not like to be reminded about the fact of their being mortal beings. The fact that they may be required to leave this earth at any moment of life leaving behind all their materialistic assets and acquisitions that they had been collecting with so much eagerness.

Almost all of us like to be living for ever, enjoying the fruits of life. No one wants to die or grow to be older and become disabled. We do not like to accept this fact of our being mortal and always pretend to be ignorant of this fact. That’s how we engage ourselves excessively in materialistic pleasures of life and spend all our time in accumulating wealth and other material possessions. Even we do not care about whether we are going to enjoy these accumulations at any point of our lifespan or not. We blindly keep on accumulating whatever we can and keep ourselves engaged in illusions of life.

The author Rashmi Kashyap of Soul n Spirit has referred to these habits and innocence of man in her lines – “I am so possessive about this body and materialistic possessions”…………         ”  Start thinking and behaving as if I am the only immortal…….”

Now, coming to immortality, I would like to stress here that one can become immortal not in its physical sense, but by getting into the hearts and thoughts of people through one’s great deeds of kindness, generosity and engagement in activities that provide better life to all around him and also to the coming generations.

  • Do something good to society and your neighbours, so that you will remain in their hearts and thoughts for ever.
  • Try to spread the message of Love and Kindness to make the world a better place to live and thus remain immortal in the minds and hearts of people like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi whose names are immortal.

I am giving a link to the post of “Soul n Spirit’ poem titled “Living in Illusion” here:-

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We are mortal beings- A bitter reality

Blogging 101 #Day 11

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

All of us should have come to realise this harsh reality at some point or other.

I, for one, came across this bitter reality as early as at the starting point of my teenage when my mother expired. I was studying in Class VII at that time and I was shocked to see the body of her lying like some stone with eyes wide open. My father asked me not to cry as my younger brothers and sister might breakdown. My elder brother was far away in U.P. and he was informed. The body was kept in ice for two days.

It was a heavy blow to all of us, but we could not weep so as to not frighten the younger ones. Even though I had been at one or two death scenes of my infant siblings immediately after their birth, I didn’t remember feeling so much struck in my heart.

After that incident, I had to be a responsible son to my father studying well, looking after my siblings, taking them along with me to the shops and markets, coaching them whenever need arose, helping father in the kitchen and sharing all other responsibilities.

This incident has given me the lesson that life is very scary and one has no definite period of life span and anybody can meet death at any time. One can die even while he is in the womb, or after taking birth within some days, or even after some years. One can die young, one may reach old age and then die. My mother died in her forties, my father died in his fifties and I can see people celebrating 100th birthday also. I myself am presently 63.

So, it is clear that we are mortals and life is not certain for anybody. We must accept this bitter fact and try to be as humane as possible and accomplish some good works during this given little span of life.

  • Be generous and kind to people.
  • Be always ready for giving a helping hand to neighbours and even your own family members.
  • Avoid unhealthy practices and promote healthy habits thereby reducing health problems.
  • Help in keeping the society clean and pollution-free.
  • Try to make the world a better place for living thereby providing happiness to all.

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The problem of alarming increases in population affecting living standards and health

There was an alarming news in the newspaper today (12/07/2015) about the ever increasing population of India and the world. I subscribe to the Deccan Chronicle newspaper which is most popular in our Hyderabad city. It reported that our country’s population is presently 1270 millions which increased by 1.25% over previous year’s figures.

If this trend continues, it reported that by 2050, India’s population will be the largest population exceeding China’s figures.

I googled out about latest population figures and found these figures at this link:

According to their figures based on 2014 statistics, China ranks first with 1393.7 million, then India with 1267.4 million and third place is USA with only 322.58 millions.

The density figures show how congested India is with 386 people per square km. whereas in US it is only 34 people per square km.

So, it requires control over population and reproduction through suitable measures taken by people. Already people have started late marriages and birth control techniques. But it requires more control in all remotest corners of the country where awareness is not realised by people.

Increase in population and excessive consumption leads to drying up of resources too quickly thereby leaving no means of living for future generations. So it is quite necessary that people should take this problem very seriously and practice remedies to improve living standards and health of coming generations.

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Blogging 101 #Day 4 – It’s all about Knowing your Audience


I have been a little bit confused at first as to who are my audience. When I started my blog 2 years ago, I had no idea of whatever I shall be writing and for whom I will be writing here. And, there was a lot of gap with no posts.

But, now there is no confusion at all. Everything is crystal clear now. When I christened my blogging site on the first day of this Blogging 101 course, I got a clear picture of what will be my blogging about and whatever topics I will be covering. That is why I titled my Blog as “LIVING BETTER”.

Balloon spreading “Living Better” message

I consider my blog as a big balloon flying in the sky all over the world, carrying the message of ‘living better’. I believe that all of us are interested in making our lives better and definitely aspire for “Living Better” than what we are presently doing.

Each one of us want Happiness, Love. We like enjoying Nature and experiencing Bliss. We expect Kindness and Humanity from people. We like to enjoy good Health.

So, I have decided to blog on all these topics and share my knowledge and experiences, if any, regarding improving the living conditions of our life and environment and would be happy if I can be of any use to you.

Expecting support and cooperation from all of you.