Live a Simple Life and make Living Better for others

Living Better is not merely confined to your own life or to making your own family’s life better. It is a much wider term. It implies making the life of others also better through your actions.

Be an ideal for others.

Live a simple, but happy life. Control your desires and wants by refraining from excessive indulgence in satisfying them.

Differentiate between needs and luxuries or extravaganza. You must satisfy your needs up to a certain limit and reject others that are only unnecessary for your life and without which you can lead a happy life.

If you are indulging in excessive purchases and consumption of goods, you may be indirectly depriving the other members of your society even from their bare necessities.

When people gifted with an abundance of purchasing power make excessive purchases, the producers need to produce more goods to meet the demands of the entire people of that place.

But, you must be knowing that the available resources are always lesser than demand. Ultimately, prices will go up and poorer sections of the society can not buy things enough to meet even their immediate necessities at such increased prices.

The result will be the insufficient satisfaction of even the basic needs of those sections of society. Added to that will be the diminishing state of resources available for future generations and an inflation spiralling upwards.

So, leading a simple life (I am not saying that you should forego all your wants, but try to control them) will make your life happier along with those lives of all sections of the society. This will definitely yield you a greater satisfaction and happiness than you ever expected as you are contributing to the happiness of your whole society by simply acting with prudence and economy.