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How Do You Adjust to Changes in Your Daily Life?

I think changes are always there in anybody’s daily routines according to some circumstances and environments.

Suppose you are indulging in your daily activities according to a preset schedule. Now, something happens and you are required to change your schedule according to your new requirements.

Changes can take place due to two major reasons: Change happening due to any unforeseen or unexpected incident in your life or change emerging as a result of your own actions.

Both of them result in the re-scheduling of your daily routine.

Unforeseen change can be due to a calamity taking place or due to the transfer of your job unexpectedly.

Change as a result of our own actions can be like seeking a new job, seeking for shift-duty, changing your residence, or changing your routine according to your own volitions.

Whatever change takes place, you should always try to reschedule your timetable so that you can utilize your time with utmost advantage for bettering yourself.

Each part of the available time needs to be efficiently allocated proportionally to all of your requirements like reading/writing, entertainment, exercise, job, food intake, sleep and all other daily chores of life.

I got this query because I had to adjust my TV time and reading/writing time since this week due to a change in the telecast of a TV serial that used to be shown at 8 pm now shifted to 2:30 pm thereby disturbing my schedule for these 2,3 days.

I adjusted my rest time after lunch accordingly. Further, I want to tell you that I don’t take the nap after lunch. I simply lay in the bed and either read a magazine (spiritual) or any novel or watch some nice insightful videos during that 30 minute time.

Even while watching a TV serial, I read the articles in newspapers on the Editorial page which I admire very much during those commercial breaks.  My TV time used to be one hour during 8 pm to 9pm but, now, it got increased by another half-an-hour due to the shift of my one serial time to 2:30 pm after lunch.

I may like to know about your experiences regarding the changes in daily-life through your comments here.

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Literary Lion- “Time”: My Reflections on Time

This post is in response to a weekly challenge titled “Literary Lion” organised by Laura Feasey. The details of the event are available at this Link.

My Reflections on Time

Time is the most valuable moment of your Life. It is an ever flowing, constantly moving factor in your life. It starts with your birth and ends only with your death. But “Time” in itself has no birth or death. I am using these words of ‘start’ and ‘end’ of time because it has importance for you only while you are in this world. You don’t have any worry for time before your birth or after your death. So, whatever you bother of time is during your life only. So, try to make use of it as beneficially as possible in your life.

For me, time has left many bitter memories and sad events of life, even though there have been some occasions of joy and celebrations.

1950s have witnessed my birth and my childhood, careless of any worries of house, spending most time in school or plays at the backyard with like minded children. Not bothered about hot summers and flooded rains. One bitter memory was the horrible manually scavenged toilets that used to be flooded with flies all the times. And some more bitter events were the floods that carried away some poor labourers’ huts along with their belongings in our neighbourhood.

1960s have seen my mother’s death and responsibilities pouring on me as I had to help father in cooking, marketing and take care of my younger siblings besides concentrating on my studies.

1970s have seen my father’s death and our shift to a remote village under uncle’s care for two years to complete my Degree. Then, it was a complete permanent shift to a far off place 1800 km away with entirely different culture for my job where my elder brother was working. The same decade saw my marriage and some happy days with my wife and birth of my both sons.

Then, from 1980 onwards, it has been full of life struggles in family because of my work pressure, low income, mistreatments by relatives who disliked their own daughter (my spouse) and other incidents. I couldn’t afford higher studies for children. Wife got mental disturbances, BP, Diabetes,etc. Then, we returned to here where younger son settled very well. But my wife expired in 2010.

So, I advice all to make best use of time by planning everything in advance and make life better.