Blogging 101 General

Blogging 101#Day 6 and Day 7 – It’s “About Page” and “Personalization of Blog”

#Day 6 activity:

I already had one about page. So, what I did is to read it again and again to make it more sensible and relative to my blog. I changed some slight wordings to make it apt. Then created a short summary or two sentenced essence from it. I selected a text widget from the Widgets tool. Pasted the message in it and saved. Then re-arranged my widgets into my desired sequence. That was what I did yesterday and then posted a link to my about page on the Commons.

#Day 7 activity:

Today, I spent much time on looking at various options for personalising my theme and background of the blog. I made a slight change in the background colour and side bar. Then, I thought of checking all my widgets and make it more appealing and customer friendly.

In the text widget, I changed wordings and provided a hint to click on About button to view my full about Page. Then I added a title to the social media buttons to highlight the buttons. I added buttons for your easy navigation in the widgets bar showing up as “Home” and “About”. You can now easily navigate to my About page by opening the Widgets bar and clicking on About button. After viewing the page, you can return back to Home by opening the Widgets bar again and clicking the Home button.

So, now, I feel confident that you will find my blog more appealing and easily navigable. Your suggestions and cooperation are solicited.

Blogging 101

Blogging 101#Day 5 – My experiences today on selecting themes

It was a typical day with lots of play with themes and customisation.

I went through many themes and thought of selecting writr theme and customise appearances. But it did not customise as per my requirements. I wanted the header image background behind my site’s title with the present scenery image. But it is not taking header image like that. It is taking the header on the left sidebar in a small size. It does not appeal to me. Further, the side bars with widgets of social icons and other gadgets is giving below the page at the bottom, which I do not like.

So, I had to revert again to my Ecto theme. Here, I made some small changes.

I changed the background colour of blog to blue. Then I changed the Archives and Categories widgets to dropdown mode. So, you need to select from the dropdown list regarding period or category that you wish to view.

When you click on the “Menu and Widgets” button on the top right hand corner of my blog, you will see the widgets in this order:

Facebook and Twitter buttons, Recent Posts, Archives, Categories and below that you will be seeing two wordpress buttons (W). The left button is for General Blog and the right button is for viewing “About” page.

So, this is what I have done today with the theme and widgets.

Hope you all bear with me and keep supporting me.