It’s Five Years

Today, I received the accolade from WP for being at this wonderful site for the last 5 years. I couldn’t believe it. Time lapsed so quickly.

I went to check whether their statement is true. I found out that I am really here since 30/06/2013.

I started my blog here with a post on a very simple known fact that “Earth Revolves Around the Sun” published on 30/06/2013.

Then followed my very serious post about a tragic event in my life: My wife’s Death. I told in that post how our life is uncertain and how everything ends in a blink of a second.

If you are interested, you can read it here: Death is a Stealthy Attacker

And, thank you all for being with me through these wonderful years of journey.

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Back to Blogging?

Hi, All!

I decided to come back after a very, very, long absence. I have been busy with work, and without work also all this time. But, I want to keep engaged here with you all and made up my mind to blog at least once in a week.

I may not be writing any long posts. But, I would like to keep in touch with even some tiny rants about my daily chores and perceptions of life.

I have been reading some of your blogs all along this gap period, from time to time and enjoyed reading them and liking them often. But, now, I will keep scribbling something or other frequently here and keep in touch with you all.

So, I hope you will keep company with me.Flowers Bouquet

Blogging 101

Blogging 101 #Day 1- Who I am and Why I am here

Hi, everybody.

I want to introduce myself to all of you as to who I am.

I have been an Accountant throughout my life, professionally, and spent most of the life in preparing Balance Sheets, Cost sheets, and keeping records of the company wherever I worked.

Presently aged 63, I am a retired widower with some time to spare.

I was born to a writer-cum editor-cum artist who was the offspring of a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh, India. My original language is Telugu of Andhra Pradesh and English is my second language. My education was done in then Madras city (now Chennai). Even though I was proficient in Accounts and Maths, I am interested in arts, music and books. And, the interesting point is writing seemed to be hidden in my blood all these years until it came bursting out on my retirement.

I first thought of blogging in the year 2010. But was not having tools. I had to wait for more than one year. Finally equipped with a computer, I posted my first article about the unhealthy practice of peeing at public places on Instablogs community site.

Why I am here?

I definitely have some purpose in blogging.

I feel much worried at the problems we are facing in our society due to the polluted atmosphere both physical and mental. We are experiencing increasing corruption, environmental pollution, social issues and health problems and are unable to control situations. So, I want to at least do some blogging to bring awareness to people who might be needing some clues towards better living. I like to see all of you “living better”.

I want to share some knowledge of mine regarding lifestyles, morals, human values and good habits and health issues and anything that can be of use to all of us including me. Because, through blogging, I can get more stimulation and browse through all related material needed for my content and can view great opinions and content on most of those related subjects from experienced people and thereby build up my own knowledge so as to be able to share valuable content with my people.